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Real people associated with us!

This Blog is reaching it’s fifth year on the web. As the blog has aged, readers will find that the content, frequency and style have changed incredibly. Perhaps this is what happens to any creation…

The following list showcases the names of people who have appeared and played some role during the formative years of the content of this blog. Their names are obviously changed to maintain privacy and of course to provoke giggles when the people involved find the etymology of their names:

1)SoulPatch-all the authors’ senior who rocked in skl quizzes and still is rockin. the best sports quizzer his skl has known

2)Portuguese Porcupine(poppy)-5 of the authors’ chum from skl who rocked the whole quizzin community at trichy by goin lonewolf in most quizzes and is presently in plans of doing more to the quizzin one of the authors

3)Kajax(supposed to be cajax, the author misspelt it) a.k.a doggy a.k.a Gaja a.k.a Commode-6 of the authors’ senior @sastra who is a pro-sports quizzer and avid follower of Chelsea and Ajax.a good compadre to all!An honorary member of the UQ

4)Knitty-one of the authors and a quizzer currently not in the heart of quizzing due to haunted work-“studying”.now trying to be back with a one of  the authors

5)Tommy-Tousled-hair(totty)-6 of the authors’s senior @sastra, legends suggest that he was the gr8est quizzer back in his skl.

6)Kenshi-the authors’ senior @sastra, a gr8 ent-quizzer known to the authors up-to-date.

7)Seaker-one guy whom his school has been proud to display in competitions due to his run of winning all competitions he came across. one good quizzer , now outta touch.

8)CurlyBob-seaker’s x-quizteam-partner and the authors’ gr8 currently status unknown due to communication problem.a serious quiz and book junkie [a.k.a bibliomaniac???]

9)Aarbit-the authors’ senior. a gr8 quizzer , currently using time to seriously study.

10)Quiz Gurus– the ppl who honed the authors’ interest in quizzin.

11)Witty-a senior @ sastra who is said to be the best @ crossies,anagrams,puzzles,etc…obviously the witty one!a hardworking and friendly one with a smile to everyone’s questions no matter how childish it may seem.

12)Maestro-an excellent quizzer,orator,dumbc specialist,etc etc{i could go on,but no space available}a wonderful friend with a soft looking face!one of the best Mods ever heard of.

13)Animax-a very lanky person with a huge brain and a nick-name seeming quite close to his name on this blog!an excellent quizzer who never is tired!a good friend to have.

14)Zing-Zing-6 of the authors’ senior @sastra.a short man with a professional touch in jamming away to glory and a gr8 quizzer!wid a very liquidy speech he’s sure to make a brilliant friend to everyone,the role-model for Jam-Quiz combo balancing skills.An honorary member of the UQs.

15)Macho-boy-again,6 of the authors’ senior @sastra.a big sturdy BOY with a wonderful sense of humor who never seems to have lost a excellent dumbc-dancer!

16)BeeQuCie a.k.a BQC-a wonderful quizzer and PC Gamer with much of his Midas touch lost due to other interests than quizzing,but still with loads of interest in quizzing.

17)Echo-a was-a-good-quizzer-at-school,with lesser practice but huge experience and interest in quizzing.

18)HillBilly-a namesake to one of the authors phonetically and not in written form,a great guy about whom little is known to date to the authors.a wonderful volunteer and organiser of lits events at carpe and KS,etc

19)Shady-Blue-a person with really big spirits and a basketball enthusiast.has a wonderful manner of taking conversations to a better excellent speaker and a great friend to all the authors.An honorary member of the UQs.

20)X [not to be confused with the commonly used variable for identity markers]-a junior to 5 of the authors @sastra,and a namesake of one of the authors,a wonderful Quizzer with The Spark for bettering levels of quizzing.

21)Going-Like-It [a.k.a GLT]-a great dumbc,JAM and debate specialist with a passion to perfect in his fields

22)Zoob-a school quizzer from Kerala,who rocked some of  the authors by a mindblowing performance in QFI’s open quizes 2011.

23)Bongo-One of the best Quizzers and Quizmasters in India,inspired most of the authors;introduced Funda quizzing to the Trichy quizzers;stated that :Chennai is the quizzing capital of India”;known to and knows most of the authors;a fu and cool guy to hang around with.

24)Skelly-one of the greatest quizzers sastra has known.presently on a winning streak wherever he places his feet;everytime he speaks,a funda is revealed

25)Kovy-a soft guy with an intelligent smile.presently on a winning streak wherever he places his feet.personality of fewer words and more action.

26)Tilt-Clever and funny but an ex-athlete and now an interested quizzer;known for sleeping early [right after one of the authors that is 😉 ]

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