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That pesky pest…

January 11, 2015

For years I had not heeded my mom’s caring advice of having a sunscreen on or at least having a thorough wash after a good game. When I started playing for my school badminton team, my attention to the details of mundane teenage seemed to take a backstage. It was during one fine morning before the state level finals that I realised that I should have listened to my mom!

Living in Tropical India, I was used to the Sun showering his infinite sweltering blessings on us by warming, baking, sautéing and occasionally even boiling us in our own sweat. After breaking the draw in the final set and a tiring victory, I lay down to sleep in my room. I had completely forgotten to close the window, not to prevent uninvited insect guests but to stop the Sun tempered dust from entering and disrupting my relationship with our maid. A night of open windows and windy weather conditions in a place dominated by dust and grit can mean many things –

  • It will take less than 2 days to compute the volume of air in a room by measuring the volume of sand removed from the room
  • I will be woken up by our maid with putrid words whose meaning I did not know
  • And that horrible little pest will soon find a place on my face….Yes, I meant my pimple

After 17 years of a spotless clean face and even being judged as one of the top ten most desirables in class (No, I am not joking!…I still hope so), the abomination had finally found its way to me. I tried everything, from home-made fruit pulp wash to high quality lotions that single day. Nope. I had to lose that Sunday in a failing anticipation that my pest would leave that night. Having grown bigger by the night, my mom prevented me from picking and busting it. After a gut-wrenching sleep, my hopes were dashed when it still stood there mocking my every attempt to eliminate it from the very face of Man-kind…Ahem…sorry…just my face alone.

2 hours after I woke up, I stopped worrying about what’s on my face and started focussing on what I was facing – the shuttlecock! An hour of gruelling and back-breaking running across the badminton court, the nail-biting victory was something I fought for incessantly. With the victory fresh in my mind, I had totally forgotten that vitriolic pest resting on my facial surface swindling away my beauty and personality (Well, you know…).

HD Camera lenses were zooming into my face while I stood there proudly posing with my prize. I had been waiting for this moment for two whole years. It was then that it broke open… not the news that I had won the tournament, but my pesky pest. With sweat, grime, tears and other bodily fluids (from facial orifices mind you!) including the farewell ‘tears’ of the pest on my face, I smiled from ear to ear.

It’s been twenty years since I graduated from school. Even now, when I see the photos in the newspapers that heralded my triumph, I still can notice the faint streams of white mixed with red on my face. I don’t know if I remember that hard won match, but I do remember those irrationally harrowing hours of low self-esteem.

P.S. – This is purely a fictional account mixed with real life elements on a real human face!

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