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Harry, Christena, Barcelona…

March 10, 2014

WARNING: Suggested only for mature readers. May contain explicit imagery!!!


“Do you want to use one that I brought from India?” I asked my roommate.

“Ok…That’d be nice. Hope it will fit. Thank you” he answered.

We were going to the most famous institution of this “genre” at Barcelona. We were very excited. Ever since we had come to Barcelona, we had seldom tried to look for such retreats in this part of the world. Despite the abundance of those whose structure is marvelled and held close to the Spanish (Tourism Department’s) heart, we never liked the prospect of visiting even a single one. No, we were both adults very open to experiments of the real world. We hadn’t even taken a peek into this busy sector of the city….nope not even a peek.

We dressed for the occasion and left on the Metro, to be invited by surprised looks from Europeans. Of course, Indians and our good neighbours from Pakistan didn’t even give us a fleeting glance. La Rambla (Spanish for The Street) is a busy street which has a never ending stream of tourists and locals. Asians, Caucasians and Africans of any gender and age walked here freely, step in step, shoulder to shoulder, under the cloudy sky with pride and awe at the wonderful Rambla. It is not uncommon to see Pakistanis owning shops and cafes in Barcelona here welcoming Europeans in Spanish and those from the Indian subcontinent in Hindi like Urdu. Feeling a bit shy to ask Pakis the way to our destination, we were in search of the institution which rents a whole floor of a big building, with just a web-screenshot of the map on the phone.

We had reached the building when our junior from college came to greet us and take us inside to experience the ecstacy. The cold air from outside had forced me to find a place to take a leak. The small enclosure reminded me of those in India, only cleaner. It looked like a budget loo and poo space. Well, a minimalce that!

My roommate was missing. He was inside already. I didn’t want to miss anything that could give a person a high. A mild thumping and muffled sounds behind the main door told me there were more than 10 people jumping up and down and enjoying what they were doing. A lady came out unable to take all the action probably. She was too sweaty and had come out to have a breath of fresh air. Well, when the door opened, it was a warm room. A dance was in progress! Not the Raas Leela, but the high energy dancing and singing following the baritone of a white man in clad in dhothi and kurta with a traditional tuft of hair on his otherwise bald scalp. We were with the Harry Christenas…

Though we wanted to have free food and skip some cooking at home, we managed to have more than just that. We joined the jolly good show! We sang loudly despite the fact that we comprehended not a word what the Spaniard was singing in Spanish accented Hindi. We had the best food we had tasted outside in Barcelona! It is indeed mind boggling how just some singing and jumping can make the simplest food tastier than ever. We “Harry Bole”-d and bid adieu to return to our home in high spirits.

Yes, Religion connects us humans (better than any online social networks) across the world despite the distance from our homelands.

Here’s to ISKCON….in Barcelona!


Hari Bol!

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  1. Harry, Christena, Bengaluru! | who?what?where?when?why?how?

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