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Surprising I wish were possible…

May 10, 2013

X is known to be famous for his tall tales. In his “Surprising Adventures“, he is known to have related an account of his first travels, where due to a storm he ended up at Ceylon, where he combated and conquered two opponents and then returned to Holland. In another incident,he lost his horse, and found himself a wolf to draw his sledge.  Another tale of his involves shooting a stag with cherry-stones and also killing a bear. On being attacked by a wolf, he turned it inside out. Another tale includes him being made a POW, and sold for a slave, during which he kept the Sultan’s bees, which were attacked by two bears and hence lost one of his bees while also losing a silver hatchet, which he threw at the bears, rebounded and flew up to the moon. He supposedly brought it back by an ingenious invention and fell to the earth on his return, and helped himself out of a pit. Many more are of his “TRUE STORIES” are recorded in his adventures. ID X. And being a great fan of House M.D., extra points for ID-ing one medical condition named after X.

Source: Author R.E.R.

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  1. Grace A permalink
    May 29, 2013 1:36 pm

    Munchausen and Munchausen Syndrome 🙂

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