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The abandoned and then reclaimed little drop from the sky..

April 8, 2013

X’s parents gave birth to her when they were unmarried 23-year-olds. X’s dad named one of the most significant advancements in his life after X, 2 years after her birth. But later, he even denied his paternity and made up a different reason behind naming his advancement so. After nearly a decade of denying his paternity, X’s dad accepted in front of the public his paternity and X lived with him during her teenage years and bonded with him very well after an awkward initial period of time. X’s dad is known to have accepted his paternity finally, due to the fact that he felt he must not abandon his child while he was abandoned himself in the first place by his real parents. X was supported very well by her father and even was sent to one of the best schools available for X’s graduation. Now X is currently a well known personality in her area of work. ID X, whose dad, even after his death motivates Mankind around the World.


(Image Source: ebay)

P.S: Question dedicated to X’s dad

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  1. s m muneer ali permalink
    April 11, 2013 12:58 pm

    mona simpson – sister of steve jobs.

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