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Special Sunday Set Answers

March 20, 2013

These are the answers of the Sunda Special Set:

1) Mayilpeeli Thookkam – “Mayil”= Peacock, “Peeli” = Feather

A dance form also known as “Arjuna Nritham”

2) Anasuyaa , the wife of sage Atri, one among Saptarishis in the present Manvanthara

Descendents of Atri belong to the Aathreya Gothram

3) Chandra Varma was the ancestor of the Kodavas of Kodagu (Coorg) region according to the Skanda Purana

Kodagu is the place of origin of the river Kaveri (Cauvery)

4)  They are all turtles of the family Trionychidae, of the same Genus- Chitra

5) It’s Rowan Atkinson’s spouse Sunetra Sastry

6) Hum Paanch- a famous TV soap

Vidya Balan’s first screen appearance during the later half of the series

7) It is the humble Camphor (Karpur/ Karpuram).

We use it in Pooja

If it does ring any bells when reading the emboldened words, they are Vandalur Zoo’s new 7 tiger cubs named by Tamilnadu’s CM

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