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Special Sunday Set

March 17, 2013

1) X is a ritual Kerala artform of the Ezhava community. It is predominant in the South Kerala temples of Bhagavathy. It is called so as the costume includes a characteristic apparel made of peacock feathers. This apparel is worn around the waist of the performers. The versatile dance movements are closely similar to Kalarippayattu techniques. This dance form is also known after a Mythological Hero who being a famed singer and dancer and is alleged to have appeased goddess Bhadrakali by a devotional demonstration. ID X.

2) According to Hindu mythology, once the holy trinity resolved to test the chastity of Y. They arrived at Y’s house as Brahmins and requested for food. This they are said to have asked with the condition that Y had to serve them the food nude. Y had agreed immediately and used “pativrita shakti” or the “Power of Chastity” to convert the Brahmins into infants. Following which, Y had offered them food according to the conditions put forth by them. The Trinity could only revert to their original form after Y’s “shakti” again on the request of gods. The Trinity blessed Y and Y’s spouse with three magnificent sons. ID Y.

3) The Skanda Purana claims that a certain Chandra Varma, a Kshatriya, was the ancestor of the Z. He a great devotee of Goddess Parvati. His pilgrimage to various holy sanctums all over India is notable. He and his privy army came into _______. _______ was an uninhabited jungle land when he arrived to settle here. Obviously, he became the first Raja of ______. His eldest son among, Devakantha, succeeded him as the Raja. Chandra Varma’s sons were married to the princesses of Vidarbha. Thus came the Z. ID Z.

4) This Genus of the organism includes the Asian narrow-headed soft-shell ( both Siamese & Javanese); the Indian narrow-headed shelled and the Burmese narrow-headed soft-shell. What am I talking about? (I know it’s arbit but a few clues in the question already)

5) ID the lady.


6) ID the TV series from the cast.


7) It’s special capability is quite similar to alcohol and an early international trade in it made it famous all over Arabia in pre-Islamic times, as it is mentioned in the Quran 76:5 as drink flavoring agent.

“Indeed, the righteous will drink from a cup [of wine] whose mixture is of Kafur”

By the 13th century, it was used in recipes everywhere in the Muslim world in all known delicacies.What is it?


Put big Connect with the recent news from the “Land of the Masala Dosa” ….

Answers to be revealed by Wednesday.

Cheers 🙂


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