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Eccentricity and Psychedelics…hmmmmm….

March 15, 2013

In the year ca. 1918, X had developed a very deep relationship with Kullasamy, a local Godman. Once X jestingly asked him the reason why he was begging and why he didn’t look for employment to sustain himself. To this, Kullasamy supposedly replied that he was already a washer-man letting the 5 (senses) donkeys to graze and washing the dirty (mind) clothes.

It is noted that X and Kullasamy were Opium users. X’s eccentric looks, according to contemporaries, somewhat proves X’s partiality to “Ganja”.

Towards the end of X’s days, X, as noticed by a credible witness, had sunken eyes and had become very lean. X’s eyes lacked their previously notable lustre and X’s face had lost it’s freshness. X also is reported to have a little strange speech. The same witness also noticed that X and Kullasamy consumed a dry medical preparation (the size of a lemon) from a tin box, after which their spoke louder and were more active.

It is possible that X might have consumed the Siddha medicine “Puranathi lehiyam” for treating his Depression, which might have been the reason behind the addiction to the Psychedelic drug, as the medicine is made out of Cannabis, Nutmeg and Poppy seeds.

ID X, who is more famously known for other important reasons in South India.

(Source: Dr. O. Somasundaram, Chennai)


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  1. N Rajaram permalink
    March 16, 2013 11:06 am

    It is the Poet Subramania Bharathi.

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