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A few ones….

March 3, 2013

1) CERN, known for its breakthrough in particle research, was a pioneer in making what significant contribution to the computing world?

2) During the spring of 2003, the music world witnessed a huge revolution to the way it can be listened, bringing in an era to the modern music. What was the product and which company is credited for it?

3) The acronym LAMP is a solution stack of free, open source software. What does A stand for in LAMP ?

4) was the name of which famous software industry ?

5) This huge project of Google was funded partly by CIA. Which is it?

6) The Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Corporation founder, Ibuka wanted to create product that would be useful to the general public. What is the company known today  ?

7) A disease which makes a person lose his ability to read or write due to functional defect of the brain, popularly known as ‘word blindness’. What is the medical terminology of this disease ?

8) Volvo, the Swedish manufacturer, was credited with a patent of inventing the most vital need for every vehicle. But the company denied the offer and made it a public patent . What had Volvo invented  ?

9) X  went   bankrupt just because they didn’t convert to digital. Which company X are we referring too?

10) “ ?” was the initial URL of which famous company?


Courtesy: Anubhava Science and Technology Quiz

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