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Is there Rhyme and Reason?

January 10, 2013

1) UNICEF quotes on it’s website according to a 2010 report:

“The Cateura Dump, in the Bañado Sur area along the Paraguay River, is the final dumping site for more than 1,500 tons of solid waste each day. Poor waste management has caused the country’s most essential water supply to become dangerously polluted and the environment contaminated.”

 “Seven neighbourhoods housing some 2,500 families surround the dump. Most of these families earn a living by separating garbage for the recycling industry”

People from this locality are now making the whole world turn around and look at them for a reason.

ID and Put Funda.

2)In the year 2000, a team from Vanderblit University had the following research results:

Studies in human subjects with impaired Baro-reflex functions led to the discovery that ingestion of _________induced a robust increase in BP and vascular resistance.Using a mouse model of baroreflex impairment, they showed that the increase in BP after ingestion of _________ is mediated through sympathetic nervous system activation.

The results had other seemingly Molecular Biological information and Cell signalling data. Please forget that I told you this.

Just FITB.

3)The UK based lab, Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) created a simulated vomiting system to study the extent of contamination from the winter vomiting disease causing Norovirus. The Humanoid is a simulated vomitting system designed and developed at HSL. It was developed to help demo and ID the extent of contamination during projectile vomitting by a diseased sufferer.

ID this regurgitating robot.


P.S.: This is not a Science Blog 😉


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  1. Qrish permalink*
    January 12, 2013 12:18 pm

    1)Landfill Harmonic
    3)Vomiting Larry

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