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I Didn’t Know That!

July 17, 2012

Being a Fourth year @ my World-Famous-Institution-with-Technological-Infrastructure-that-is-not-even-comparable-with-that-of-the-best-of-the-best-IITs-in-India-so-much-that-we’re-gifted-to-be-in-this-Institution is really a tough job Winking smile

Having classes from 8.40 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. is by itself tiring while teachers are just waiting around the corner of the wall to prevent us from bunking(read “escaping from”)their eternal rantings about what they wanted to do,what they did and are doing now.3 weeks of Fourth year and it’s already like it’s been a semester of mind-numbing torture.Trust me,it’s torture to sit in class and listen to the lecturer while they keep reminding you about projects,papers(scientific) and presentations all the time.My white lab coat (now seemingly yellow from dirt) is now getting me more dreaded of the lab than ever .

Enough of the ramblings of this sophomoric potato,off with the guns then:

1.Something’s been clipped onto this iPhone to reduce visits to the paediatricians.What is it?


2.Make up what?(recently in the news)


3.Now a part of what?


4.It is used for both knomeDISCOVERY and knomeBASE, X is a genome informatics engine that automates the process of standardizing, distilling, annotating, and comparing sequence data. Designed to process many genomes at once,X can complete in a day what would otherwise require months of effort and a team of specialists.ID X or find the blank.


5.The culture media necessary for the propagation of animal cells are much more complicated than the minimal media adequate to support the growth of bacteria and yeasts. X  is now specially thought of for the work he commenced in 1955 to establish the compounds essential to support the growth of cells in tissue culture.
One consequence of his research became known as ______’s medium, which opened the way to the last thirty years of extraordinary research on the biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics of normal and malignant mammalian cells.ID X or FITB



1.Mobile Otoscope from “cellscope”

2.The Truvada anti-HIV drug that got the FDA’s acceptance recently


4.The kGAP technology

5.Harry Eagle,Eagle’s Medium

P.S:Forgive me if I’ve taken this quiz a bit technically,I guess it’s the result of having been soaked in technical information for the past 3 weeks.Well,after-all,aren’t I a Biomedical Engineer Smile 




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