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A case of technological (mis)adventurism?

June 10, 2012

Well, the title might give a hint as to a stormy debate on the reckless proliferation of techno-gadgets in our lives. No. In fact it is a humble college’s tryst with tech destiny. No names here please.


This college has a thing for innovative usage of technology. That is a great thing; shows their progressive outlook. It had been a fairly smooth ride over the past so many years. Employing online technology( nothing hi-fi and all, simple software only) for class,hostel selection, fee payment. One should be proud of this,”techno-democratisation” as Tom Freidmann might put it. It makes things transparent.After all, the college is spelt that- t-r-a-n-s-p-a-r-e-n-t. Good thing.


All was well in the Elyssian fields when Satan raised his ugly head. Who’s Satan? An IT giant which has been a long time bed-fellow(academic partners) with X. Now problem starts when “IT” wants to be a partner in this tech-democracy too. So on a Sunday, a day to laze around and waste, especially during summer holidays, all hell is let loose.


In their over-enthusiasm at the new-found partnership IT unleashes on the web a  labyrinth, a techno equivalent of a Padmavyuh on its webpage. At least Padmavyuh was better in that you could get in, here that too wasn’t possible. After many a 4-lettered howlers and anxious phone calls exchanged among peers, the site does one better and crashes gloriously. Rooms, hostels,who cares? Look at the perfect new system that we deployed!


So it was that kind of a day.Of endless waiting, incessant shouting and non-stop complaining. Technology and innovation are good, no doubts. But technological misadventurism in the name of innovation, well… a big NO. Hope they get the point.


tailpiece- A few days back the X site said- this is just the beginning. Who’d have thought??

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