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Wellness is in the mind,not just the body..

April 6, 2012

1)In quantum mechanics, X is a thought experiment. It attempts to distinguish between the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics and the Everett many-worlds interpretation. In their speculative work on the topic of future science and artificial intelligence, authors Goertzel and Bugaj describe a very different metaphysical notion as X, one they claim is applicable in all circumstances, for every "intelligent entity", and that serves as a means of "transfer" to other universes.

It was originally published independently by Hans Moravec in 1987 and Bruno Marchal in 1988 and was independently developed further by Max Tegmark in 1998.ID X.


Musgrave Watson, William Woodington, John ternouth and John Edward carew.

3)An early reference to x as a means of attaining sleep can be found in Illustrations of Political Economy by Harriet Martineau, from 1832:

"It was a sight of monotony to behold one ____ after another follow the adventurous one, each in turn placing its fore-feet on the breach in the fence, bringing up its hind legs after it, looking around for an instant from the summit, and then making the plunge into the dry ditch, tufted with locks of wool. The process might have been more composing if the field might have been another man’s property, or if the flock had making its way out instead of in; but the recollection of the scene of transit served to send the landowner to sleep more than once, when occurring at the end of the train of anxious thoughts which had kept him awake."


4)X are a standard ship-based weapon armed with an antimatter warhead. They are present on every federation star ship as a standard weapon. It appears as a spiky ball of energy of varying colours, such as red, orange, yellow, blue or green. ID X.


    1. Wealth without work.
    2. Pleasure without conscience.
    3. Knowledge without character.
    4. Commerce without morality.
    5. Science without humanity.
    6. Worship without sacrifice.
    7. Politics without principle.

Put Funda.

Courtesy: Spikey

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