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ScanIT Quiz Finals

March 9, 2012

{Only text  Questions from finals are here.Slow Internet server has forced us to do this}

Quiz 07/02/2012
With a lot of guidance and help from Qrish
No negative points .(Except for Pounces )
Infinite Bounce.
Delhi’s decision is  FINAL

3 pounces for each team .
Each question carries 10 points .
A team which pounces and gives a wrong answer shall get   -10.

Hitoshi Igarashi (1947—July 11, 1991) was a Japanese scholar of Arabic and Persian literature and history. He completed his doctoral programme in Islamic art at the University of Tokyo in 1976, and was research fellow at the Royal Academy of Iran until the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
He was stabbed to death repeatedly in the face and arms by an unknown assailant on July 11, 1991 in his office at the University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki,where he was an associate professor.Why?

The _______ tunnel was built during the reign of Augustus connecting Neapolis (ancient Naples) to Pozzuoli and Baiae. The tunnel is over 700 meters in length and between 4 to 6 meters wide. The height varies from 7 to 30 meters. Until the beginning of 20th century the tunnel could be used to travel from Naples to Baiae.Unfortunately, the tunnel is now closed for renovations as parts are blocked by collapses that happened during the 1920s.

_______ was the object of literary admiration and veneration before his death. In the following centuries his name became associated with miraculous powers and his tomb the object of pilgrimages and pagan veneration. The poet himself was reputed to have created the cave with the fierce power of his intense gaze.

At the time of _______’s death, a large bay-tree was growing near the entrance. According to the legend, it died when Dante died, and Petrarch planted a new one. Because visitors took branches as souvenirs the new tree died too.
The original title of X was Rajakesari Varman, Mummudi-Sola-Deva. He was the second son of the Parantaka Chola II alias Sundara Chola and Queen Vaanamaadevi.
“Y”,the sobriquet of X,was a compound word meaning that “X was the darling of the river to all his people”.ID X,Y.
The source of the term “X" is not definitively known. It is often attributed to the Y’s wealth and resources, but this is probably not the case.
One theory refers to an April 10, 1785, letter to New York City Mayor James Duane. In it, Washington called  Y "the Seat of the _______". Washington is also said to have used the phrase "Pathway to ________" once, when referring to Y in conversation with Governor George Clinton in the 1790s; no documentation of this exchange exists however.
Alexander Flick, in his book, claims the title was used as early as 1819, coinciding with Y surpassing Virginia in population. He did not provide any source for this claim. Further in his book, Flick adds that “X” was "universally acknowledged and accepted" by the time the Erie Canal was completed in 1825. In a later work, Flick and coauthor John Jacob Anderson claim “Y is well called X … not only because of the vastness of its resources, but because it so conspicuously illustrates the imperial power of law-abiding liberty among the people.“
“X” is a historical geographic unit in Central Asia that included parts of modern-day Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Xinjiang.
When the Mongols conquered most of Asia and Russia in the 13th century, they were minorities in many of the regions they had subdued, such as Iran and China. As a result, the Mongols in these regions quickly adopted the local culture.
In contrast, the Mongols who settled in what came to be known as “X” were the majority ethnic group there. Because of this, they were much more resistant to changing their way of life; they retained their primarily nomadic lifestyle for several centuries and were among the last of the Mongols that converted to Islam to do so. During the 14th century its inhabitants were known as "Jats" and the area they occupied was called "Jatah." This term is also used by numerous people in South Asia in Pakistan and parts of western India.
X is a clause or provision in a life insurance or accident policy whereby the company agrees to pay the stated multiple of the face amount in the contract in cases of death caused by accidental means. This includes murder by a person other than, and not in collusion with, the beneficiary of the insurance policy, and most accidental deaths. It excludes suicide, and deaths caused by the insured person’s own gross negligence, as well as natural causes, such as cancer or heart disease.ID X.
The writers of the Star Trek episode"Deep Space Nine" had actually wanted X to play the role of Grady in the third season episode "Past Tense, Part II", but he was unavailable due to a music tour he was undertaking in Spain. Ira Steven Behr is a fan of X and pushed for his casting as Yelgrun three years later. A few days before filming his Star Trek: Deep Space Nine role, he was injured in a mosh pit during one of his concerts(Deep Space Nine Companion).ID X.

A possible origin for the ___________, advanced by the paleontologist Othenio Abel in 1914,is the prehistoric dwarf elephant skulls – about twice the size of a human skull – that may have been found by the Greeks on Cyprus, Crete, Malta and Sicily. Abel suggested that the large, central nasal cavity (for the trunk) in the skull might have been misinterpreted.Given the inexperience of the locals with living elephants, they were unlikely to recognize the skull for what it actually was.FITB

Daniel Parke Custis (15 October 1711 – 8 July 1757) was a wealthy Virginia planter .He died intestate, so his widow Y received the lifetime use of one-third of his property ("dower share"), with the other two-thirds held in trust for their children. The January 1759 Custis Estate inventory lists 285 enslaved Africans.The October 1759 Custis Estate inventory lists 17,779 acres (71.95 km2) of land, spread over 5 counties.John Parke Custis was the only one of their children to reach his majority, and became the sole heir. Upon her marriage to X, the dower share, including the "dower negroes," came under X’s control, pursuant to the common law doctrine of seisin jure uxoris, but upon his death, reverted to her, and then, upon her death, to her first husband’s children. Because of Y’s "dower share" (which included 153 enslaved Africans in 1799), the Custis Estate was not liquidated until after her 1802 death.ID X,Y

Direction Reversed
3 pounces for Each team . The previous ones DO NOT CARRY OVER .
The law of nature in X states that , “a male child shall have one _____ more than his father , so that each generation shall rise one step in the scale of development and nobility “.
This rule does not apply in the case of a three _____ed inhabitant.
  put funda Id X and FITB.

The  X refers to routines which run immediately after many digital  electronic devices are powered on . It is most widely known in relation with computing devices (personal computers, PDAs, networking devices such as routers, switches, intrusion detection systems and other monitoring devices) .
The X begins when the CPU is reset and it protects the bootstrapped code from being interrupted by faulty hardware .
In IBM PC compatible computers, the main duties of  X  are handled by the BIOS. The original IBM BIOS made  X  diagnostic information available by outputting a number to an I/O port
Later BIOSes used a sequence of beeps from the motherboard-attached loudspeaker (if present and working) to signal error codes.
If  1 long beep, 1 short beep indicated a System Board failure
   What did    1 short beep indicate ?
    and what is X ?

Known as “rifle” in Czech , “khao” in Cambodian and “farmer” in Hungarian, Y was created by  X along with another person.
At the age of 18 , X accompanied by X’s mother sailed for the United states to join X’s brothers in the business they had started .
In 1873 X along with a Nevadan started working on Y.  In 1873 these two people received united states patent for the use of copper in strengthening  Y .
X died unmarried at the age of 73 and left the business to X’s nephews . Y soon grew to fame in America , and later was a global hit .

What are X and Y


X was founded in Sydney by Mike Cannon- Brookes and his friend from college in the year 2002. They started with a  $10,000 credit card and made  $59 million in revenue in the year 2010. X is particularly well known for serving Agile software development.
The world economic forum anounced Xas a technology pioneer for 2011 . It’s products include Crucible, Fisheye, bamboo, clover and wiki confluence .
The way in which X differs from a majority of its counterparts is that for each quarter year  a Y is organized.  24 hours are set aside and each employee in X  lets his/her brain wild on an idea of his/her own. The Y is organised since  the founders of X think that it is critical to give the employees time to make those ideas a reality
What are  X and Y  ?

In 1943 A naval mechanical Engineer while developing a component that could support and stabilize sensitive instruments aboard  ships in rough seas , found a Y interesting when he saw it "stepped" in a series of banana splits, to a stack of books, to a tabletop, to the floor, where it recoiled itself and stood upright.
He returned home and along with his wife satarted working on it . The wife named the thing X .
X  was originally priced $1 and its  first 400 units were sold in 90 minutes . It was a hit .
They were used as antennas in the vietnam war . NASA has used them in zero gravity experiments in the space shuttles. What are  X and Y .? 

X represented South Africa at hockey, and was chosen as part of the 1992 Olympic Games squad to go to Barcelona; however, the squad did not qualify to go to the tournament.X was also called up for trials to play in the 1996 Olympics but was ruled out by a hamstring injury.
Taking a dig at Shah Rukh Khan, on the latter’s IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, which lost in the last series,X said, “At an after-match presentation, Shah Rukh suddenly threw half a coconut at me. I was holding a trophy in one hand and the microphone in the other. Fortunately, I still managed to take the catch. It was a bad throw, which is why KKR didn’t do well – may be their owner was coaching them in fielding,”
In his prime, he had a graceful, fluid batting style, comparable to that of his English contemporary, David Gower and Australian batsman Greg Chappell. The wrist flick was his most characteristic shot and he fared best against spinners. The grace and fluidity of his wrist once prompted John Woodcock, a noted cricket writer, to say, "It’s no use asking an Englishman to bat like X. For, it would be like expecting a greyhound to win the London Derby!" Former Indian captain and International umpire Venkataraghavan said that "X had the best wrists in the game, but Tendulkar isn’t too far behind".In Oct 2010, Sri Lankan legend Muralitharan called him one of the best players in cricket on par with Sachin Tendulkar.ID X.

On 8 November 1933, X was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with its registered office in New Delhi.The principal object of X was to promote sports in general and cricket in particular throughout India. The promoters and some leading men who founded BCCI five years before were the promoters of the X. Originally, life members, who were later termed as founder members, paid Rs 100 and ordinary members paid Rs 10 for entrance and an annual subscription of Rs 15 .
X was also the birthplace of the famous Chinese-style dish Chicken Manchurian; restaurateur Nelson Wang, who claims to have invented it at the request of a customer in 1975 while working at X as a cook.ID X.

ROUND III (all pixies)

Round IV (5 questions)
Questions in the order of increasing scores.
Order based on only current score and not on scores prior to this round.
Unanswered question open for pounce (+10/-15)
No shouting of answers.Please write down the answers in script legible to the organisers.

Born in 1745 , X ‘s father was a well known lawyer of his time.
X started his career as a page and vassal of a Duke. He was taken captive and forced to pledge that he would not return to his people ,to which X gave no importance . Later X was made a public enemy and was disbanded soon.
Y accepted X as a volunteer in the ______ . Upon being accepted , X wrote to Y , “ I came here , where freedon is being defended, to serve it andn to live or die for it .”
X  was authorized to collect as many of the scattered troops , and employ them to his discretion . He averted a disastrous defeat and also saved Y’s life in the process .
X was named the father of ____.

FITB , and ID  X, Y.

X was independent and rebellious by nature and generally did poorly in school. X was educated in three different schools , the last one being Harrow , where X joined the Harrow rifle corps . He earned high marks in English and History and was the school’s fencing champion .
X’s father died at the age of 45 leaving him  with the conviction that he too would die soon and should be quick about making a mark on the world.
X described himself as having a speech impediment which he worked to overcome . After many years of public speeches he finally stated “ My impediment  is no hindrance “
X got his surname from Y , his ancestor , who was the first person in X’s lineage to have changed the surname . X also won the nobel prize in Literature .
ID  X and Y.

X in X’s lifetime suffered from two heart attacks , a malarial attack , pneumonia and broke a collar bone . X’s left heart ventricle failed and had to undergo a surgery.
A critic said X”was not a significant entity in Y in X’s lifetime .X was also criticized in the book “The missionary Position “.
Yet In 2010  the Indian government released a special 5 Rs coin on X’s birthday  and also awarded X with the Bharat Ratna and PadmaShri(the latter two were not in 2010). X was also granted Honorary degrees by various universities in India and the West .
ID X and Y .

X was a Swedish, who is widely celebrated for his successful efforts in rescuing thousands of _____ in Hungary during the World War II. X issued protective passports and sheltered _____ in buildings designated as swedish territory thereby saving thousands of lives.
X is celebrated in a lot of countries as a humanitarian . The  X Committee of the United States  was created in 1981  to “perpetuate the humanitarian ideals and the nonviolent courage of X”. It gives the X award annually to recognize persons who carry out those goals .
FITB  and ID X.

In 1681  King Charles II handed over a large piece of his american land holding’s to X to satisfy a debt the king owed to X’s father . This land included present day Y and Delaware.
X set his foot on american soil in New Castle in 1682.
X set up a set of democratic principles for the Y frame of government which served as an inspiration  for another constitution. As one of the earlier supporters for colonial unification X urged in the union of English colonies in what was to become ____
FITB , ID X and Y.


Now   put funda and  connect the last 5 answers .

     ( +20/-15)

Courtesy: Delhi

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