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A great victory for democracy!!

February 2, 2012

The judgement by the apex court today, cancelling all licences allotted by the UPA-I government and tainted telecom minister A.Raja,is a most welcome decision. By this unprecedented move, the Court has sent out a strong message that the corrupt,no matter how highly placed they maybe,can’t go scot free. It has also set a precedent for dealing with corruption in the future,with an iron hand.


The decision today must be fully credited to Dr.Subramanian Swamy’s relentless one-man crusade in bringing the guilty to justice. But for him, 2G would have become another buried corpse like the Bofors issue.It will provide comic relief at this instant to remember the fact that our honourable HRD Minister Mr.Kapil Sibal had, in the not so distant past, virtually given a clean chit to his colleague Raja going to the extent of claiming “zero-loss” to the exchequer!!

The issue in the author’s view is far from over. As Swamy had said then Raja is only small fish who enabled the scam. The real mastermind is still out there. The Court must ensure that the case proceeds to its logical conclusion.


QED: Indians must learn to identify  real politicians from those scamsters who merely pose to be one to mint money by abusing power.

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