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Oru Naal Podhuma?!

January 28, 2012
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[Title translates from tamil to english:”is one day enough?!’”]


•X is praised with many names such as,

    • the ultimate Creed
    • falseless word
    • truthful praise
    • the divine book
    • the common Creed of world

•X was translated by many people in many languages(>30).

•notable translations of X are: The Latin translation made by Constanzo Beschi in 1730 and English Translation by George Uglow Pope in 1886.

•X’s author name as we know is not his/her real name.

•some scholars are telling that “he/she was a king/queen” because more then half of X is about public life.

•ID X.


•Actually there were 3 poets of the name “B”,but only 2 persons’ history and works are known today.

•Most of the people don’t know there were 2 Bs because there are no specific mentioning(B1 or B2) in their works in current books.

•B1 was a poet,ethicist,govt. advisor and ‘political activist’.

•B1’s quote has been translated as

"What you have learned is a mere handful;

What you haven’t learned is the size of the world"

and exhibited at NASA.

•In 2009, Red Hen Press published a selection of B2’s poetry, entitled "Give, Eat, and Live: Poems by B."





•X was a sitting member in the Rajya Sabha for 18 years continuously.

•X was known as the "Tiger of Parliament" among the other MPs in appreciation of his good manners in the Parliament.

•X suffered imprisonment for 28 times spending a total of four precious years of his life in jail.

•X is the only political leader who spent such long term without any expectations of power, position or material gains!

•X using his personal funds vaccinated 65 thousand children to protect them from the dreadful disease of jaundice.

•Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his Speech paid rich encomiums and Tributes to X stating that

"X is a Glittering Star among leaders in this Dais.He used to meet me to represent always a public cause ,never a personal request.I salute him."


5)ID and put funda



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  1. N Rajaram permalink
    January 28, 2012 10:08 am

    1. Thirukural

    2. Avvaiyar

    3. India’s Permanent Station, Maitree, in Antartica.

    4. Vaiko, Founder leader of MDMK

    5. Mu. Karunanidhi’s signature, after taking oath as CM in 1996.

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