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UQs @ PSG’s KRIYA ‘11

November 28, 2011

Samurai,Sustainer,Aqua,Kovee,Skelly and Tilt attended Kriya 2011,on 26 and 27 Nov,for the quizes.Though we couldn’t manage to get questions from them [they claim it’s copyrighted material and hence refused to provide the questions,… offence taken and no offence meant ofcourse]

Here are the Jaankar Prelims Questions which we managed to salvage:


In case of tie team answered more number of * questions will be considered for the next round.

1)Where is Mahindra’s Two wheeler manufacturing plant located in India?

2)Who designed Buddh International Circuit?

3)X was designed by Y when Z ordered Y 1933 for the people.Identify X,Y,Z.

4)* Which veteran rally driver recently retired during the fifth round of INRC?

5)Name the recently launched commercial vehicle by Hindustan Motors.

6)Which was the safety car in Buddh International Circuit?

7) * “Aerodynamics is only for those who cannot make powerful engines”-who said this?

8)Which city name is printed on the Porsche logo?

9) ** How are Italian owners of Alfa Romeo called?

10)Which car is used in the film “Back to the future”?

11)Is there  any difference between Boxer and Flat engine?If so,specify?

12)Who was the first driver to get championship twice consecutively in Formula 1?

13)* This supercar manufacturer has manufactured only two cars and those two were manufactured for breaking a world record.Name the supercar manufacturer.

14)Proton is a car manufacturing company from which country?

15)A0784  Identify this logo/

16)Name the racing division of Honda.

17) * Expand FISSME.

18)Which is India’s first Indigenous passenger car?

19)Name the Korean company acquired by Mahindra.

20)Which car is nicknamed as ‘Tin Lizzie’?

21)Who replaced Valentino Rossi in Yamaha team this year?

22)Where is the world’s largest backhoe loader producing plant located?

23)Which was the first car in the world to reach 20 million sales target?

24)* Name the venue of Delhi auto Expo 2012.

25)Who is the dealer of Ferrari in India?

26)What is the name of Porsche’s first production 4 door sedan?

27)Which company acquired Volvo cars from Ford?

28)What is the name of Rolls Royce Mascot?

29)Name the Moto GP racer who expired recently during the race.

30)Nissan made a tie up with which Indian company for producing Ultra Low Cost cars?



P.S:All rights to the format and list of questions are reserved with the organisers of the event

Courtesy: PSG Kriya 2011 Jaankar prelims

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  1. vidyuth permalink
    December 30, 2011 11:21 pm

    Hi. I’m from the ASQ, PSG Tech’s quiz club. Who gave you information saying we won’t give out kriya qns? We supplied them to all and sundry the day after the quizzes were done. Drop in your email address and I’ll mail them to you personally

  2. vidyuth permalink
    December 30, 2011 11:24 pm

    Claiming its copyrighted it seems. Offence taken!

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