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November 27, 2011

1)X is a geometric figure which has infinite surface area but encloses a finite volume. The name refers to the tradition identifying Y who blows the horn to announce Judgment Day, associating the divine, or infinite, with the finite. The properties of this figure were first studied by Italian physicist and mathematician Evangelista Torricelli.ID X.


•If you try to verify our computations using the numbers in these tables you might get different results. The logic is explained here.

•An average is the sum of views divided by the number of days.

•We exclude days prior to the first recorded view and future days.

•Today (M DD) is excluded from averages because it isn’t over yet.

•Yearly averages are computed from sums, not an average of monthly averages.

•Averages are rounded to the nearest integer for display.

•Gray zeroes are exactly zero. Black zeroes have been rounded down.

•Percent change is computed from weekly averages before they are rounded.

PUT FUNDA Winking smile

3)The discovery of all possible ways to ___________ depends on a mathematical formulation of the act of ___________. In their papers (which are technical) and book (which is for a lay audience, apart from an appendix), the authors show that Xs are equivalent to persistent random walks on a triangular lattice, with some constraints on how the walks begin and end. Thus enumerating Xs of n moves is equivalent to enumerating walks of n steps. Imposing the conditions of symmetry and balance reduces the 85 knots to 13 aesthetic ones.

For notations,the basic idea is that Xs can be described as a sequence of six different possible moves, although not all moves can follow each other. These are summarized as follows. All diagrams are as X would appear were you ___________it and looking in a mirror.

• L: left; C: centre; R: right; these must change every move.

• i: into the diagram; o: out of the diagram; these must alternate.

• T: through the loop just made.

•With this shorthand, traditional and Xs can be compactly expressed.ID X.

4)The ________________ effect and the ________________ syndrome are often considered to be the same thing. However, the latter can also refer to chronic fatigue syndrome, from which Nightingale was said to have suffered. Some consider her the first known case of CFS.

•It is not recognized as a medical condition; rather, it is a pop culture name given to a situation. It is considered unethical in the medical profession for a provider to become involved with a patient, and doing so could result in termination of the caregiver.

•The term was used in the movie Back to the Future when Dr. Emmett Brown describes Marty McFly’s mother’s infatuation with him, to whom she had tended while he was unconscious after being hit by a car, as a ________________ effect.It is actually the earliest known use of the phrase.FITB

5)The X is a faster-than-light drive. It is based on a particular perception of quantum theory: a subatomic particle is most likely to be in a particular place, such as near the nucleus of an atom, but there is also a small probability of it being found very far from its point of origin (for example close to a distant star). Thus, a body could travel from place to place without passing through the intervening space (or hyperspace, for that matter), if you had sufficient control of probability.According to the Guide, in this way the drive "passes through every conceivable point in every conceivable universe almost simultaneously," meaning the traveller is "never sure where they’ll end up or even what species they’ll be when they get there," therefore it’s important to dress accordingly.ID X

P.S: strictly No Googling/Binging/or any-other-searchengine-ing

P.P.S:this might be our last post of our fifth semester @college,so lets all stand in silence


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  1. MURDER permalink
    November 27, 2011 5:57 pm

    I solemnly swear that i did not google

    1.Torricelli trumpet
    2,3,4—————————dont know
    5.The infinite improbablity drive from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

    • Qrish permalink*
      November 27, 2011 7:14 pm

      Mass murder indeed!
      1 and 5 are on the dot!

  2. MURDER permalink
    November 28, 2011 10:42 am

    2.How blog hits are calculated

    got it while browsing our blog stats

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