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It is ≠accentuate≠emphasis≠focus≠punctuate,But ……=strain=tension

September 6, 2011

Like most present day shavers in Today’s India,I am the only child of working parents.My woes are just like anyone else’s,but with a twist,both my parents work for the same organisation resulting in common chums,uncommon foes,illogical feuds,common party missives,double copies of diaries with the organisation’s logo beaming in gold,common syllabus for promotion exams,and the list is endless!

I’ve always wondered why my parents always looked disquieted when they harked back from work.

I’d be wholly angry at them for not having come home earlier and sometimes for not having been able to go out together for supper at a nearby restaurant.

I’ve always wanted to switch off my dad’s phone for it perpetually rung when we were having food together or at a shop choosing the right shoe or shirt size that fit.[Which I fundamentally brought home the bacon once and managed to get my dad get red-hot lava from the Flaming Angry District Circle head!  {Score!!!} ]

I’ve incessantly marvelled why it took my parents to return so late from office and why they always debated about some stranger at office totally unrelated to us in any manner!

Though they’ve managed to try to arrange a very NORMAL childhood for me by nurturing and fulfilling my every demand physically and mentally even before asking,what they didn’t manage to teach me was how to handle the hot cake that they’re struggling with everyday -JOB STRESS.

Ofcourse,I’m just an engineering undergrad in my third year of an integrated Masters course at an esteemed decent engineering institute known for it’s development in Biology all over the land of the people who have dosas and idlys [btw,isn’t IDLIES supposed to be the plural of IDLY according to Angrezee Grammar?  😛  ] with chutney and sambhar [and Curd and sugar and podi and…..oh wait!Where was I? Ah yes…..STRESS LESSONS…..].But i’m tasting stress raw for the first time.NO,i’ve never been stressed during my assignment submissions [just beginning to write the first line on the day prior to the deadline date just like the other students all over the world!] or my last minute exam studies either.

“Ahoy!Please wait there Bachchu!You’ve talked so much about STRESS!But thum kya bolna chahthe ho bhai?!!” is your obvious question!

I’ll tell you everything i know!I assure by the book that whatsoever i speak is truth and truth alone!

Last year,I stood in my class polls for being their representative for an association of engineers in my Dept. and fatefully succeeded with a landslide win.The win was only my starting point of all worries!Now,we have the present day story……our Dept. Tech Fest is scheduled for the first weekend of October and the final years,the ultimate power wielders in our case [not exactly,’cos they hide their tails between their legs in front of a leonine Professor of high power!] are busy with placements now![the company,coming for placements in the next two weeks,seems to have signed an MoU with our institution ‘cos almost half of the placements are with the same company every year and the numbers are growing!And ‘cos most people there are batch-mates or seniors or classmates or atleast dept. mates,it’s more like college in a different setting!!!].Now this is where I fit in…..I’m a person who seldom keeps the phone on General Mode and is eternally lost in Silent mode.I like to sit down at a place and get lost staring at a point on a blank wall in my thoughts.But now,with added responsibility here,my phone is like eternally on General mode and I get calls every twenty minutes.I never get time to think for a second before answering the ever complaining and Raging seniors and asking my lazy batchmates and juniors to sit for Registration desks.All this for what?maybe for the next one month!Thas all!But the  stress?!!! Whoooaaaaaaaa! Mind numbing!The stress has got me directly in my head,so much that

I can’t remember why i entered the loo when i needed to get some biscuits at the hostel general stores!

OMG!I respect you MOM and DAD!You’ve been handling stresses of multiplied magnitudes for the past twenty years and that too without complaining!Now I’m sure how I’ll manage a household! 😉

P.S-I think I’ll be needing treatments like the one here

P.P.S-I know what’s gonna go wrong:”Sudden cardiac death from emotional stress may be triggered by uneven signals from the brain to the heart”, according to a study by University College London (UCL) scientists published in the January issue of Brain.ScienceDaily (Jan. 12, 2005)

Questions and previous answers to follow soon!

Cheers! 🙂

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