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Shall we consume the tea?!

August 22, 2011

1)A ____________________ is a person who basks the good things of life, specially food. The phrase comes from French, meaning good living, a __________________ being a “good liver”, or one who lives well.The phrase is not disparaging but expresses a sense of  excess.FITB.

2)ID and put funda.

3)ID and put funda:

4)ID the instrument

5)X  is a participatory public presentation brought into existence by Pia Lindman. Participants are given one ______ each, which gives them the right to one minute of free speech. They may form alliances and stack their ________ together to obtain niftier spatial front and talk time. The spokesperson of an alliance may speak for as many minutes as there are stacked ______ As the event evolves,__________ begin to express changing rhetorical configurations in sculptural forms.The event highlights the relationship of embodied speech to the bare life of an individual, in the context of increasingly mediated communication.Which event?



Answers for the previous set:

1)The Sweden Solar system,X – halley

2)Ronit Roy,the guy from Adaalat

3)Fan Death



Cheers! 🙂

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