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Makes no sense at all whatsoever!!!

August 16, 2011

1)Put funda.ID X for extra points.

2)ID the owner of the company with this logo:

3)One of  the many popular beliefs is that X chops up all the air particles in the air leaving none to breathe. This explanation violates mass conservation and well-known attributes of molecules and gases, especially that known breakdown energy of oxygen molecules lies in the UV range, far above the energy produced by X. Moreover, atomic oxygen is highly reactive and would produce sharp-smelling ozone, if it was produced by some mechanism. It also ignores the nearly universal human tendency to wake up while being suffocated in a moment of sleep. Moreover, the theory makes no justifications for how and why a person will not suffocate while awake in a room which contains X.ID X and put funda.

4)what instrument is this?

5)X is a phantom island which was said to lie in the Atlantic ocean west of Ireland. In Irish myths X was said to be shrouded in mist, save for one day every seven years, when it became visible but still could not be reached. It probably has similar roots to other mythical islands said to exist in the Atlantic, such as Atlantis, St. Brendan’s Island and the Isle of Mam. The etymology of the names X and hy-X are unknown but in Irish traditon it is cogitated to come from the Irish name of one of the ancient clans of northeastern Ireland.X was originally thought to be the origin of the name of the modern country of Y.ID X and Y.

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