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Finding Clever-land?!!-A moment in the sand

August 16, 2011

Finding Clever-land?!!-A moment in the sand

A word of caution:the incident mentioned below,actually happened.We do not intend to hurt the personal feelings of anyone related directly or indirectly to it.If anyone’s hurt,we are truly sorry and beg their pardon sincerely.

The Music Academy
1.45 pm
Xerxie,a person we’d prefer not naming,shows up without a team,prior to the Chennai regional prelims session of The Landmark Quiz.Mama,Qrish and Kajax are closely standing by while Poppy is slightly far away.Another friend of the authors,Zoob,acquainted from a previous quiz from PCR hall Quizes [i.e QFI A-Ve Maria,Sports Quiz and the Main Quiz 2011],a native of Kerala and an active quizzer from “school” who managed to crack more questions than half the authors of the blog going lonewolf,stands waiting to get a team.Since both,Zoob and Xerxie,need a team,Qrish decides they both can go together.
Just then Xerxie asks the authors,”Do you by any chance know what is the greek name for Africa?”
Qrish:Sorry sir,we do not know.
Xerxie:Oh,ok.It’s ok.I called up Bongo [another person we’d not like to name] last night ad even he didn’t know what it is.
Qrish: [mind voice rings:OMG,this guy’s Bongo’s buddy!Ultimate!he must be quite a big quizzer!]
Just then Bongo arrives and is seen talking to a friend of his.
Qrish:Sir,your buddy,Bongo,has just come.Shall i call him?
Xerxie:Oh sure,please do.
Qrish:Excuse me sir,but your friend standing over there would like to see you.
Bongo:Where?Which one?Oh,Xerxie?!Ok…
Bongo:hey Xerxie!how are you da?
Xerxie:Fine da,how are you?
Bongo:I’m fine da.
Xerxie:how’s seating during the prelims?Will i be allowed after prelims inside the auditorium?
Bongo:Sure da,after prelims,it’s open seatings after prelims.
Xerxie:Oh,ok da.And BTW,do you know what is Greek for Africa?
Bongo:Illa da,therila [“Don’t know” in Tamil].
Xerxie:Dei,appo nee ellam ennada periya quizzer?! 😛 [“So what kinda big quizzer are you?!” in Tamil,ofcourse meant with zest for sure]
Bongo:[smiling] Ok,see you da.I’m going.
Xerxie:Ok,bye da.

The authors listening to the whole conversation,were aghast at the penultimate comment of Xerxie!Bongo is one of the best quizzers and Quizmasters in India and his pal’s comical statement was basically like extreme taboo for us.

[Coincidentally,we know who won The Landmark Open Quiz National Finals ofcourse ;P]

[P.S: AFRICA was known as “APHRIKE” meaning “without cold”]

Cheers! 🙂

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