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Who’s buried?!

July 16, 2011

1)In lieu of turning the straw into atomic number 79 by magic,Esmeralda and Rumpelstiltskin take the straw to poor farmers, who use it to thatch their roofs; in better health, the farmers become more generative, which improves the local economy and eventually leads to the overthrow of the prince and Esmeralda’s being honored with atomic number 79. Esmeralda is then able to thwart Rumpelstiltskin’s program to take her first born kid by guessing his name, however unlike in the original tale, she only guesses it because his “Little People’s Empowerment Seminar” name tag is still on his body. Furious at the thought that her procreative rights were almost taken away from her, she moves to California and starts a birth control clinic and lives happily ever after—as a “fulfilled, dedicated single person.”put funda!


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3)Letter to His Father  is how  the letter X wrote his father Hermann __________in November 1919, indicting him for his emotionally abusive and hypocritical behavior towards him,is referred to.

X hoped the letter would bridge the growing gap between him and his father, though in the letter he provides a sharp criticism of both:

“Dearest Father,

You asked me recently why I maintain that I am afraid of you. As usual, I was unable to think of any answer to your question, partly for the very reason that I am afraid of you, and partly because an explanation of the grounds for this fear would mean going into far more details than I could even approximately keep in mind while talking. And if I now try to give you an answer in writing, it will still be very incomplete…”

According to Max Brod, X actually gave the letter to his mother to hand on to his father. His mother never delivered the letter but returned it to her son. The original letter, 45 pages long, was typewritten by X and corrected by hand. Two and a half additional pages were written by hand.ID X.

4)The first _______________________s were taken by British meteorologist Douglas Archibald in 1887 and Arthur Batut in Labruguière (France) in 1888.

Manned _________________________ was progressed also by French Marcel Maillot, British Robert Baden-Powell, Americans Charles Lamson and William Abner Eddy, Australian Lawrence Hargrave (inventor of box kite in 1893 and kite train in 1884) and French Captain Saconney.FITB.

5)________’ s  obol is an indirect term for the coin placed in or on the mouth of a dead person before burial. According to Greek and Latin literary sources, the coin was a payment or bribe for __________. Archaeological examples of these coins have been called “the most famous grave goods from antiquity.”

The custom is primarily associated with the ancient Greeks and Romans, but is found also in the Near East, and later in Western Europe, particularly in the regions inhabited by Celts of the Gallo-Roman, Hispano-Roman and Romano-British cultures, and among Germanic peoples of late antiquity and the early Christian era, with sporadic examples into the early 20th century.

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  1. Qrish permalink*
    July 23, 2011 11:47 am

    1)politically correct bedtime stories
    2)dial M for Monkey
    3)Franz Kafka
    4)Kite flying and aerial photography

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