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Behold the new kid in tinsel town

June 19, 2011

This new kid needs little introduction to India. Why,for a billion people he is God-incarnate on a cricket field. But these billions are left deluded after the star has claimed that he’s an actor and not a cricketer by profession. Don’t believe? Check this out:

In order to save tax of around Rs 2 crore on income derived from doing TV commercials,  Tendulkar told the Income Tax tribunal that acting, not cricket, is his profession. The tribunal accepted that he is an artist on the grounds that “he has to use his own skills, imagination and creativity in the commercials”.

Tendulkar was levied an income tax of Rs 2,08,59,707 on the income of Rs 5,92,31,211 that he earned from ESPN Star Sports, PepsiCo and Visa in foreign currency during 2001-02 and 2004-05. He had challenged the order of the Commissioner of Income Tax-Appeal (CIT-A), to pay up. In an order on May 20, the tribunal ruled that Tendulkar could claim deduction in tax on his income from modelling as he is an artist.

Tendulkar had claimed deduction of tax under Section 80RR of the Income Tax Act. The section states that a person can claim tax deduction if he is a playwright, artist, musician, actor or sportsman and the income for which deduction is claimed is derived by him in the exercise of his profession.

When the assessing officer asked Tendulkar to explain the nature of his profession, the master blaster submitted that “he is a popular model who acts in various commercials for endorsing products of various companies”. He further stated that the income derived by him from ‘acting’ had been reflected as income from “business and profession” whereas income from playing cricket was reflected as “income from other sources” since he is a non-professional cricketer(OMG, note this all Sachin fans). Tendulkar explained that the claimed deduction in tax was from the exercise of his profession as an ‘actor’.

The assessing officer rejected Tendulkar’s claim and looked up the dictionary for the meaning of the term ‘professional’. “It could be correct to say that playing cricket is the source of his livelihood and is therefore his profession,” the officer observed, adding that “if Sachin is not a cricketer, then who is a cricketer?” He noted that Tendulkar had received remuneration for providing a wide variety of services to these companies. The various activities mentioned in the agreement with these companies had nothing to do with his claim of being an actor. Therefore, the officer said, his claim was not justified. Tendulkar has an agreement with these companies for the use of the name, photo, original voice, clothing, footwear, playing product spokesman, personal and media appearances.

“It is true that while appearing in ad films Tendulkar would have to dress in a certain way and would have to follow the script suggested by the director. However, that does not make him an actor. In all the advertisements in which he appears, what is highlighted is his personality as a cricketer. It is important to note that the company that wants Tendulkar to endorse its brand uses him because he is Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing legend,” the officer noted.

After his claim was rejected, Tendulkar submitted that he should be considered an ‘artist’ for the purpose of Section 80RR. He submitted that the meaning of ‘artist’ be read along with the several clauses of the endorsement agreements. However, the CIT-A did not buy this argument. He ruled: “Tendulkar is primarily involved in playing cricket and irrespective of whether he is a professional or not, it cannot be disputed that his profession is playing cricket. Tendulkar is not being paid for his activities as an actor or his performance as an artist. The nature and quality of his acting or performance as an artist would never have resulted in the contracts and payments made out to him.”

This is a shocking!! So all these years he was an actor who was playing for the national cricket team just as a hobby? Can anyone get more cheap? Mind you, he runs and contributes to many charities too. So paying tax to your nation,that too righteous tax not needless extras, is not charity?

All these years having earned himself a clean image as a honest,down to earth man this act has put him to shame,and it is amazing that our so called neutral media has not highlighted this issue! I personally am a big fan of his, of his unmatched records in international cricket. But this is a bit too much.Frankly, I don’t believe Sachin would have done that.  I opine that his tax consultants are to blame, for saving their client a few extra crores they have inadvertently sold off his credibility and clean image. Sachin should immediately clarify on this!

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  1. Tendulkar Fanatic permalink
    June 19, 2011 11:41 am

    Oh Come On, leave him Please..Neutral Media?..When on earth did the media become neutral?..This piece is everywhere..& this is nothing but Yellow Journalism..When Tendulkar does it people have a big problem..They didn’t have a problem when a certain Julian Assange hinted that there are a lot of Indian Tax Evaders with Multi-Million $ Multiple Swiss bank accounts.The media just didn’t do enough to make it an issue.The money still lies there..I’m sure lot of people who talk about this know about the corruption in our country..Why aren’t we making an issue with all those people who bribe in this country?..Do we complain & highlight when X,Y or Z bribe?..Aren’t we biased then?..We don’t have a problem when a Party pays us 500 INR for a vote..How many of us stood up,then?..Are we good citizens?..What rights do we have to talk about Sachin Tendulkar when we let the corruption & bribery grown to an unprecedented level in this country?.. It is not as if he is directly doing all these dealings..It might not be his fault..He may not even knows this..& What’s wrong if he wanted to save tax?..He’s human after all..He didn’t call himself God..Don’t ordinary Indians try avoiding tax?..I’m pretty sure everybody who is making this an issue, would have done something or other for a tax avoidance at some point..It is not a crime..It is Legal..He isn’t evading Tax, he is avoiding Tax..So what right do people have to talk about him?..This is just a group of sick people trying to tarnish his Image.He is a wonderful person & has helped India grow with him.Without knowing the truth, it is not fair to comment on an issue like this & kindly do not.

  2. MURDER permalink
    June 19, 2011 5:04 pm

    Let us see this matter a bit clear
    When it comes to people ,evading and avoiding are different.
    But for tax evading and avoiding tax are the SAME.
    Being a great cricketer and an inspirational character among Indians ,sachin should not do like this.

    • MURDER permalink
      June 19, 2011 5:06 pm

      If others are doing wrong , why should sachin do it wrong

  3. aquariangospel permalink*
    June 20, 2011 12:12 am

    The author wishes to bring certain point to your kind notice Mr.TendulkarFanatic:

    1. You proclaim,”leave him alone”. Why should he be? Yes agreed he’s a great cricketer, a good human. But that is no justification to not point out a wrong thing that he does!

    2. I never termed the media neutral,in fact i wrote the “so-called neutral media” which, i believe you know , is a sarcastic take on it neutrality.

    3.And yes, not just Sachin,even if any other person in public life does it, its a problem. You may recall a similar incident a few years back where Amitabh Bachchan claimed he was a farmer(!) so that prime agricultural land may be alloted to him at a throwaway price which is reserved only for poor farmers. This is no different from Sachin’s claim. Bachchan was reprimanded by the courts for this act.

    4.To be absolutely clear sir, when a certain Julian Assange says black money is stashed away,it is the government at the centre that has failed to act on it and not the public at large. If you care to read through the Letters to the Editor in a few newspapers you’ll know which way public opinion is.

    5.You say people don’t make an issue of corruption. Then, what is all the fuss about a Lokpal Bill to curb graft in the country? Isn’t that a fight that people of this nation, the general public, is standing up to?

    6.”We don’t have a problem when a party pays Rs.500 for a vote. How many of us stood up then?” you ask. Well sir, the electorate has recently suitably demonstrated in Tamil Nadu (from where I hail) what will be the fate of those who try to lure their votes with money. The incumbent DMK has virtually been wiped out in the recent Assembly Elections for their coruupt practices during their regime. In fact, if I may point out, the DMK was the great usherer-in of the practise
    of cash-for-votes during the Thirumangalam by-elections a few years back.

    7. You ask what is wrong with Sachin avoiding tax.Well here’s a scenario:

    Take a normal India middle class family: father,mother,two kids. Say the father earns about Rs.20000-25000 a month, leading to about Rs.300000 a year. In today’s situation of sky-high inflation he’s to run a household, educate two kids, save for their future,etc in that money. If such a person tries to avoid tax there’s some justification to although it maybe legally wrong.

    But here’s a man, who the entire world knows as a cricketer, who earns close to Rs.100 crores,let me write it out fully so that it magnitude is appreciated ,Rs.100,00,00,000 a year and is saying that he’s not even a cricketer and says he’s actually an actor and tries to avoid tax!

    8. Ok, fine, he’s human after all. Wants to save a couple of more crores,thats all. But, seriously, you cannot give such frivolous reasons! He says he’s not a professional-cricketer( all 16 years of
    playing for the national team was just a pastime?) and he’s actor. Then please tell me,if not him who then is a professional cricketer? Go ask any kid in any Indian town if Sachin is an actor or cricketer. The nation knows him only as a “cricketing” star amd not a Bollywood star.

    Yes, I personally am a fan of his. He’s been a great player and an inspiration for millions,given a lot to charities. I completely agree,in fact I respect him for that. But, when you do something like
    this,all those years of credibility is wiped out. In fact I’d said in the post (so graciously overlooked by you in your frenzy to defend the indefensible) that it may not be his fault and that it might be a mistake on the part of those who hanled his accounts. Its only fair for the fans to ask about this. Its time Sachin clarified on this soon.

    In fact, I could sense,after reading your comment, that your whole defence seems to be that:

    everyone does it, so why not Sachin too? I humbly opine , sir, that it is not a sound defence.

  4. Tendulkar Fanatic permalink
    June 21, 2011 11:58 am

    Alright Mr.Aqua, wonderfully written & I appreciate you for that. I also suggest you to quit the Engg course & take up Law as a ‘Profession’, you will do remarkably well. I’m sure one day; you’ll be a challenge to some of the best defence team on earth. But the best of defence team love such challenges & that makes me think, it will be wonderful to see you as an attorney.

    Unfortunately & unlike you, I have neither cleverness nor rhetorical skill nor eloquence nor the power of speech to stir men up against a Selfless Champion who has loved this nation more than anybody else, a True Champion who has dedicated himself to the nation and its people. I’m only, a plain, blunt man who loves this Champion and I speak the way I know. (Do I even need to tell you that Antony inspires me?)
    1. I did proclaim to leave him alone & I felt there was a need. He has to concentrate on his game & can’t afford to worry about issues like this. He needs to be in the best frame of mind to play like he has been. India needs him.”But that is no justification to not point out a wrong thing that he does”. Mr. Aqua, you speak as if you have all the records to prove that he was wrong & in case you do, knowing the great man pretty well, he would himself welcome you to point out his wrong doings. Just in case you are like many other people who have no idea of what has really happened, you should be leaving him alone. Mr.Aqua, would you like a Tom, Dick or Harry raping your reputation that you have built with a lot of hard work over twenty plus years? Would you be Happy if every other person spoke about an issue like this without really knowing the truth & that when you know, there is no fault of yours?
    2. I do read quite a lot of these dailies & understand the public opinion pretty well. I also understand that having an opinion as member of general public accounts to a lil more than nothing in this country. All it can do is bring some disrepute to the person concerned & very lil does it concern many of them. That is not the case with Sachin Tendulkar, it matters a lot to him & his performance. Yes, people are standing up & standing up in Vain. Lok Pal? Very funny actually, the government is only trying to dodge it & I’m surprised that somebody as smart as you, still doesn’t get it. Do you really know what standing up actually means? Have you heard of Asmaa Mahfouz? If a women tries to do that in this country, she will be sent Spineless to anywhere from a Hospital to Heaven. Do I need to remind you about what happened at the Tahrir Square & how an entire nation actually ‘Stood Up’? & that’s how you do it. Can & will the people of this country be able to do something like that? People here can’t really stand up against a party or a person whom they know is corrupt. They form an army to fight against a Champion about whom they have no idea.
    3. What demonstration, my dear friend are you talking about? I know a thing or two about Politics in this part of the world. I thought Latha Athiyaman won Thirumangalam. So if Incumbent DMK started it, how according to your demonstration logic, she became MLA? Do you mean to say people accepted it all & voted for her? Is that particular act of people justifiable? The same practice was widely followed by both the main parties in the recent elections & one did emerge victorious. What’s the point when people accept INR 500 from both the party & eliminate one? Can all the people be held responsible for helping corruption grow? Isn’t this double standard? When somebody from general public does something, it’s ok. But when a celebrity does it, they are the worst people on Earth. Isn’t Law same for everyone? People will accept money, pay & accept bribe when necessary & still will fight for a LokPal?
    4. I can understand that you have something for figures but then these figures always hide a lot more than they reveal. Middle-Class? That’s one term people use to get away from a lot of things. I love your justification & the scenario you have presented but don’t you think you have to look at a broader picture? Let us do another calculation. India has around 13 million middle class families. That’s about 1.3 Crore families who come under Middle Class. Nearly 5 Crore people that is. Let’s assume about 10 million families try to avoid tax of Rs.25,000 per annum (average). 250000000000 & the sum are like 5.5 billion US $.That’s how much the Middle Class is trying to ‘Save’ & you want to blame it on Inflation. People elect the government & all the leaders. Nobody stands up against such people who do nothing but loot your Tax Money. How long did it take for a charge sheet to be filed against an X, Y or Z, when the whole nation knew that they gulped down money unheard of in the recent history? But people (generally) want to fight with a Champion who has remained Unblemished in the last 21 years.
    5. I haven’t overlooked anything. I’m not here defending the Champion & I don’t have to do that either for there is no fault of his. He does not handle his financial deals & I’m sure he even doesn’t have the time to do that. Nobody can say with proof that Tendulkar himself had quoted this to be the reason or if he actually wanted to save a couple of Crores. All I am trying to say is please to do not share such baseless information without actually knowing the truth & having any proof.” But, when you do something like this, all those years of credibility is wiped out”. What did he do & how many people know what has happened? My argument is that people who have failed to curb corruption cannot question the credibility of somebody like Sachin Tendulkar. The Little Master unlike many corrupt people did not earn all the money in an unfair way. It’s been his hard work, talent & all his sacrifice that has paid him. Nobody just pays you like, Oh you are Mr.Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, here is your 100 Crore rupee check. That does not happen. Fans have the right to know & he’ll himself want to clear all this but this is neither the time nor the way the fans should be demanding an explanation. I told you earlier & I’ll tell you again, I’m not defending him & I don’t have to. An attorney always thinks that the other team is always trying to “defend the indefensible” & that is because he has a very narrow perspective of something. I got it right, you have great skills to be a lawyer, you sensed it right but you just need to work a lil more. I really meant “everyone does it” but not “so why not Sachin too ?”. I meant ‘everybody does it, so why blame only Sachin’?

  5. aquariangospel permalink*
    June 21, 2011 4:13 pm

    First of all,a word of thanks for your appreciation for my writing. That is greatly appreciated,sir. Yours was a challenging post to mount a defence against too.Oh sure sir, I’m bored of engg.Might as well take up law.

    Coming to the point, I don’t understand why you get so worked up. Sachin is a player, a great one at that. Agreed. But that’s no reason to not rap him on his knuckles when he does something wrong. I’m not able to understand your stand saying that his celebrity status and good behaviour should automatically absolve him of any wrong-doing. I’m not cooking up a fancy article just to malign Tendulkar (I’ve already said i admire him as a sportsman) Frakly sir,I’ve better business. But this entire thing was reported in India Today, a very reputed Indian weekly( no, they’re not Yellow Journalists)with a large circulation.They don’t have to resort to petty reportings to boost sales.They’re much respected, as they are.

    You’re dragging every other issue in the country other than what we’re talking.In fact you didn’t even make a passing mention of Sachin’s claim that he’s an actor and not a cricketer. The issue is this: Sachin tried to dodge paying tax saying he’s an actor and not a cricketer.Prima -facie that is wrong,frivolous. His entire status today is because of Cricket,the game that he’s a great ambassador of. To state that cricket is not his profession just to save a couple of crores, he’s brought disgrace upon himself and his “profession”(i now am in doubt as to what that is- acting or cricket??)

    1. “He has to concentrate on his game & can’t afford to worry about issues like this. He needs to be in the best frame of mind to play like he has been. India needs him.”

    Really, he’s the one India needs?? Maoists are wrecking havoc in one part, there’s threat from China at the other, farmers are commiting suicide in Vidarbha, law and order is getting worse day by day,scams are mounting and India wants only him to wipe away all their tears?? You may care, his fans may care how he plays, what brand he endorses but certainly not all of India.You’re rather over-optimistic!

    Now sir,you seem to be defending him as if you personally heard from him about this entire episode, as if you have the records to absolve him of this. There’s no smoke without fire. Do you think after his initial claim was rightly rejected, his tax consultants would have appealed even without their client’s knowledge?

    2. “would you like a Tom, Dick or Harry raping your reputation that you have built with a lot of hard work over twenty plus years?” Exactly the question I ask.Thanks for quoting it for me. Why would Sachin do such a thing if he knows it to be frivolous and disgraceful?

    3. Yes I do agree with you on one count. Our electorate is not mature,they’re swayed by money easily. But that doesn’t mean educated people should be silent and play a mute spectator to the loot of the nation. And yes sir, even without your intellectual inputs I can see that the government is dodging the issue because by enacting this bill they’re writing their own life-sentence judgement,as half the ministers in today’s cabinet have atleast one criminal case against them. What i tried to highlight, and what you failed to see, was that people of this country are finally(!) standing up to the menace of corruption. I’m not saying there’s no corruption at all. The malise has been going on for too long, the system is corrupt. Even a person who wishes to be honest is left with no choice.

    4. Corruption has spread like a disease thanks to years of foreign rule and flawed policies of succesive Congress governments since independence, who advocated flawed Nehruvian Economic principles and is sustained by poverty and lack of education. One should in fact look to improve this situation rather than accepting it as a way of life.

    5. Yes I’m aware of Mahfouz. I hope you do realise that she was only the last straw. If her video was able to have such a massive effect it is because Egypt,as a nation was tired of how things were,of complete mis-governance . Thats exactly what I’d like to stress. Such a widespread dislike for corruption is slowly but surely building up in our country and I wait for the day India finds her own Mahfouz. But you sir, are are audaciously cynical when you ask, “Can & will the people of this country be able to do something like that? People here can’t really stand up against a party or a person whom they know is corrupt”.Let me remind you, not very long ago, a frail old man named Mohandas was able to shake the might of the British Empire. What did he do, did he weild arms? No. He just stood up to what was truth and the entire nation rose up with him.

    I’ll be impractical to ask for such a movement now in India. But the day is not far sir when people really stand up once again, for history to be rewritten.

    6. Thats not the point I’m making. My scenario asks: when a man earning a mere Rs.3,00,000 a year pays his tax even with all those financial presures bearing down upon him, why can’t Tendulkar who pockets close to 100 crores year after year pay it correctly. Instead he dodges it giving shockingly silly reasons. Does this reflect well upon the image of his that you worship? Comparing the entire middle class tax-due against that of one man is not logical.

    7. Your arguements grow strange and incredulous with every sentence. Sample this:” My argument is that people who have failed to curb corruption cannot question the credibility of somebody like Sachin Tendulkar”.

    If you applied this same arguement elsewhere lets see how it looks:

    * India has failed to control cross border terrorism, so we have no right in questioning and pressurising Pakistan about it, altogether.

    * We,the people, have failed to curb when the 2G scam happened, so we have no right to question about it.

    Sir, the common man can not just rise up and go to the court and say someone is corrupt. The burden of proof is upon the plaintiff to establish the guilt. Thats where we have no ground. Where can you or I go to find this proof even if we know someone to be corrupt?

    8.”Fans have the right to know & he’ll himself want to clear all this but this is neither the time nor the way the fans should be demanding an explanation.”

    Then when is the time to question about this you suggest? He’s just finished the Ipl and is here only since he’s not gone to W.Indies.Isn’t this a cozy enough time? How is it then that the fans should ask,in your opinion?

    You keep saying you’re not defending him but your close to 500 words comment shouts otherwise!

  6. Tendulkar Fanatic permalink
    June 21, 2011 9:20 pm

    I really wish I had all the time on Earth like you to post another long reply.Unfortunately, I just returned after four hours of intense workout & training & I have absolutely nothing left in me.I haven’t heard from him personally but I got to know a few things from sources kind of close to him.This isn’t surely the time to be cozy.As an International Cricketer you have to work on yourself & your game almost every day to stay Match-fit.I’m pretty sure he is working hard for the English Tour.

  7. aquariangospel permalink*
    June 22, 2011 7:05 am

    No one is stopping you from posting sir. After all this is a free country and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But , you still haven’t explained the crux issue,that of his professional status,whether he’s an actor or cricketer. I still maintain that you’re defending the indefensible. Your skirting of the question is proof enough. There’s no defence or justification for this, as it is clear as daylight that what has been done is wrong. Once again, i don’t have anything against him. This act was not in good light seeing that he’s had an absolutely clean career so far. Thats all.

  8. Tendulkar Fanatic permalink
    June 24, 2011 3:18 pm

    I’m sorry for not being able to post a reply yesterday or the day before. Alright coming back to the discussion, I should say one of the first things I learnt from the great man was to appreciate people for the talent, hard work & the effort. I truly appreciate you for the fighting spirit you have shown & this is the stuff with which Champions are made. Another very important thing that I learnt from him was to accept mistakes & correct it quickly. I must confess without shame that I was wrong when I said you will make a brilliant attorney. You are a leader material & a very intelligent one. You are actually made of sterner stuff & that makes me believe that you should be doing something bigger.
    Before I start, let me clarify. When I said “India needs him”, I meant the Indian Cricket team. I used a Synecdoche which you failed to notice in your enthusiasm to produce a riposte. Some of the points you mentioned are very important & I’m happy that you pointed it out for me. I’ll come to it later. I do agree that I haven’t commented on the whole issue & I won’t without actually knowing what had really happened. My whole problem is something else & you haven’t still understood it. Ok let’s understand this whole thing better.” Tendulkar was levied an income tax of Rs 2,08,59,707 on the income of Rs 5,92,31,211 that he earned from ESPN Star Sports, PepsiCo and Visa in foreign currency during 2001-02 and 2004-05”,this is what India Today says. It also says that “Tendulkar had claimed deduction of tax under Section 80RR of the Income Tax Act”. You need to understand what this Section is all about. Kindly read this :
    The sum of Rs 5,92,31,211 was earned through various advertisements & that means he had to ‘Act’. I guess you must have read this “While appearing in advertisements and commercials Tendulkar has to face the lights and camera. As a model he brings to his work a degree of imagination, creativity and skill to arrange elements in a manner that would affect human senses and emotions and to have an aesthetic value. No doubt, being a successful cricketer has added to his brand value as a model. But the fact remains that he has to use his own skills, imagination and creativity. Every sportsman does not possess that degree of talent or skill or creativity to face the lights and camera. The income received by him from modeling and appearing in TV commercials and similar activities can be termed as income derived from the profession of an artist”. In the last two decades, I don’t know of a person who has ‘acted’ in more advertisements than Mr.Tendulkar. Surely that needs some skill; you & I can’t do that. So Under Section 80RR he is eligible for the deduction legally, though it’s not fair on moral grounds. Ok let us not go in to these without getting an official statement from him or one of his spokesperson. It is truly unfair to comment on this issue without knowing anything.
    I’ll go back to my statement,” My argument is that people who have failed to curb corruption cannot question the credibility of somebody like Sachin Tendulkar”. People have failed to curb corruption by helping it grow, by paying & accepting bribe & in many other ways. It is people’s fault as much as it is anybody’s. But in case of cross border terrorism or 2G scam, people had very little to do with both & they surely did not let it happen. In that case, they have the right to question & know. It’s everywhere. From getting a Driving Licence to a Land registration, there is corruption in everything. People do pay bribe. So when you are responsible for letting it grow to this particular level, what rights do such people have to question the credibility of Tendulkar?
    “Even a person who wishes to be honest is left with no choice”, this is not the way to get way. I appreciate you for saying “One should in fact look to improve this situation rather than accepting it as a way of life”. Unfortunately, my dear friend only a few people like you think this way & that is the problem.

    I raised other issues because I thought some of those issues are far more important than this one. Maoists & China, Farmers dying, Poor Law & Order & all other Scams are because of the Pathetic Governance. I’m not over optimistic .The present situation in our nation makes an optimist like me, feel so pessimistic. I have lost both hope & faith in the system. I care just like you. I love this beautiful country as much as you do & I feel, talking about all these is important than the issue in question. It hurts to know that people don’t seem to care about it as much as they should. The leaders who can’t assure Safety for women in the country can never really make this a truly developed nation. India was recently ranked the fourth dangerous place for women to live. I read stories of rape everyday in the newspapers. What’s most unfortunate is that, I read stories of Ministers raping little girls & the govt backing the ministers. There is Sexual Abuse, Trafficking, women & girls being forced in to prostitution. There is Nepotism, Corruption, Bribery, Dowry, Poverty, Gender inequality, Honour Killing, Child Labour, Female Foeticide, Human inequality & you can name it. Most people in this country don’t have access to proper Health & Hygiene, Home, Sanitation, Education and Food. The reports you & I might read, would be truly shocking. Aren’t these the important issues? Shouldn’t people be questioning the government they have elected about all this? Few of us live a decent life & that doesn’t mean the whole of India is. The problem is you & I can’t really do anything about it. India has to stand up together & how many of us care? When I said the same, you found me “Audaciously Cynical’. I did notice your ‘Finally’ part & I think the ‘Finally’ has come too late & at a very snail pace. We talk about Education & so much of importance is given to it. Children are forced to prepare for IITs & the NITs at a very early age but they aren’t best in the world. So obviously the quality of Education isn’t world class but I’m sure the quality of students is. Even at Schools, the system isn’t all that great. There is so much of stress on the marks & not on what should be taught & learnt. The school children aren’t taught things, they should be at a very early age. You see the lack of discipline in almost every field & the lack of right education or knowledge about so many things. The government just hasn’t done enough. 60 plus years is a very long time. The electorate is immature & haven’t helped the cause. We live in a democracy & we have the right to choose the right people & I wonder how all of us went wrong for 60 plus years. India after the foreign rule had lost nearly half its resources & good governance could have ensured much better development. Instead we’ve lost another quarter of our resources to all these ‘wrong’ people. Paying Tax isn’t a problem for anybody including Tendulkar, when the money is used for the purpose it is meant to be. But when you know your Tax money is gulped down by a representative of people in the name of CW Games or by somebody else in humongous figures. I don’t understand how, people would still want to pay their Tax. Such high level corruption has been happening for years. Paying 30 k & paying 2 crores is not the same, right. Everybody has to work hard for their money & when you know your hard earned money is pocketed by a person or party for his/its personal benefits. Would you still want to pay? The problem is actually with people like you. People as good as you do Engg & then take up some Masters course, finish that & work for a company or an organization in Europe, US or the Middle East. So when most of India’s good resources end up in another country working for them, how will India get great Leaders? It’s true, everyone wants the best of education & wants to secure their life & career. Can’t that be made here? You think a nation of 1.2 billion people does not have enough talent? Is this all, a nation geographically, as big as India & climatically as blessed as India, can do? The problem is, we do not create opportunities here & do not utilize the vast talent & resources we have in store. People like you should be in to public service. There should be good leaders & the system & political structure should change. In the ratio of 60: 40, there should be youngsters & experienced, service-minded ‘Good’ people & that includes a fair share of women, leading the nation. Once this happens, things will automatically start working right. Would you still find me “audaciously cynical”, if I asked you, can you or will you serve the nation? I would love to see India finding her own Mahfouz soon. Not one but many. “But the day is not far sir when people really stand up once again, for history to be rewritten”, I will be extremely happy & proud when the whole of India, shows no tolerance to all these social evils & kicks it out like a cur. I also believe it should happen at the earliest for we can’t afford to lose any more. Common man should be able to rise up because Law should be fair & equal to everyone. You are right. This is a free country & everybody is entitled to have an opinion but it’s not necessary that everybody’s opinion should be right. I might be wrong, pardon me & correct me if I am.

    I have no problem with your post. My only problem was, this being made a big issue by people who are imperfect. You can question when you are perfect, no doubt about that. Had the media or the people put half the effort, they have for an issue like this in some of the above mentioned social issues, India as a nation would have progressed much further. Everything has to come to an end at some point or other. So will all these issues & the leaders. I have some Umeed as long as people like you are there & I know the day is not all that far away when more than a billion Indians can raise their head & say we live in a Safe, Beautiful, Nice & a Happy country called India 🙂

  9. aquariangospel permalink*
    June 26, 2011 9:14 pm

    I must concede,sir, that though I may still disagree and oppose you on the question of what Sachin did was right or wrong, I do agree with you on a lot of other points that you mention here. And those are relevant issues too.Your writing reflects a great sense of awareness of the country and your frustration of the present situation.

    1.Firstly, the act says you can derive benefit if and only if what you do is your “profession”-

    “a resident individual, being an author, playwright, artist, musician or actor who derives income, in exercise of his profession”

    Once again I say- acting is not his profession! Then what is cricket from him?? If he was able to secure all those ad deals in first place,it was due to his status as a “cricketer”- his actual “profession”.He merely acts what the creative director asks him to do,thats all. Nowadays, every other cricketer is in the media for ads and that is only because of the recognition their performances on field has earned them. So Sachin is not “entitled” to the tax break. He merely has got it by some trickery and not the straight forwardness he’s known for.And, though i appreciate your optimism when you say me must wait for his comment, let me tell you my friend, no such comment/clarification is going to come from him. Even for the Ferrari car issue he never issued any comment/clarification.

    2. Not everyone wants to pay a bribe. No one wants to voluntarily put their hands up,with all smiles and say I’ll pay you. They pay because they’re made to pay. If I don’t pay up, whatever service i’m entitled to get namely- license and so on is delayed to me by those in power.I’m made to face a situation where unless i pay up nothing happens.Of course,this situation is slowly improving thanks to things like RTI nut still corruption in other forms persists. Such a culture has been fostered in our country.

    3.Allow me if you would to do a small analysis of this country. Our country can be very roughly classified into three distinct demographics:

    i)about 30% educated people who know what happens in this country and don’t care.These are the ones who blame the system for everyhting but themselves don’t do anything.

    ii)about 5% educated people who know what is going on and care a lot and do something about it.

    iii)the rest is a composite mix of people who are not well educated and who bear the brunt of the system to the most, the villagers,tribals, farmers,etc. This section does not care about corruption or anything. Their life is spent in meting out the everyday existence.

    The tragedy is-the voice of this last sector is silent,hardly heard in the media. Our media is responsibe(or irresponsible) for projecting an image of the nation that revolves only around that of the first section(news on filmstars,parties,blah blah). That is why we see, election after election,corrupt people get elected although the urban mass is educated. This is because the last sector speaks only during the elections and they vote for the corrupt people because it doesn’t really care.These masses get influenced by talks of caste,religions,etc. This is why we have many corrupt leaders.(M.Karunanidhi running off to Thiruvarur is a good example of this. In CHennai his victory wuld have been difficult due to laege awareness of the 2G scam and the DMK involvement,but Thiruvarur is rural area with not much awareness.The people there voted for him because of his persona alone,carried away by his superb rhetoric.) They use this lack of education and awareness among the last section of people mentioned to their advantage.

    4.Yes I acknowledge when you say people like me and you should be in public service.In fact in the past year or so I’ve given it a lot of thought.We want more people like Arvind Kejriwal,i totally agree.

    5. Please recollect,I called you cynical when you said this:

    ” Can & will the people of this country be able to do something like that(stand up for the injustices in society)? People here can’t really stand up against a party or a person whom they know is corrupt.”

    I still maintain that this statement was cynical.

    6.You can’t say people shouldn’t question. Only sadhus and sages then should question,when you go by your logic of imperfect one’s not question. We all have our character flaws.I’m not corrupt personally.So atleast i can question??

    Yes,the only thing when can do now is to have “Umeed” and act accordingly. Though I’m an agnostic I have respect for Hindu religious literature. This is the Kali Yuga and things will get far worse than what it is right now. It was said a long time back how things will turn out. That only is being played out now. Though the prognosis may not be good, I share your hope for a better future.

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