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Another Year in Ur Sweet home [A.Y.U.S.h]

May 17, 2011

Yes!another wonderful year gone by!this year saw the growth of most of the authors here to a different perspective….yes,in almost every sense.Everyone’s attitude towards something,small or big,has changed.For example,the author of this article decided to “make best use of the system” instead of openly boo-ing it [just like Ryan did in IITD 😉 ].Just openly shouting about the very fact that the current system of education and evaluation of any person based on his GPA is wrong ofcourse!But as an Indian pursuing Engg.,the author does not wish to be just like the most of the Indians,who MUG all text [in Arial or Times New Roman] and vomitting it on the answer script [in calligraphy and emblazening it with the most choosy colors like dark purple,light orange or even gothic pink!!YUCK!].Mugging is ofcourse an Am slang for robbing,here it obviously robs the students of their intellectual fervor!!!Enough Philsy of “Ejukashon” said!

now lets get down to the kwizzing part:-
[Today’s theme – Pretty obvious!]
1)One of my Favorite Questions [FQ]-

Lana Lang,Professor Lewis Lang,X, Lionel _____, Lena _____ (later
surname changed to “Thorul”), Y, Lucy ……..,Babysitter Letitia
Lerner, Lori Lemaris, Leta Lal (a distant ancestor of Lori Lemaris),
Luma Lynai, Lyla Lerrol, Linda Lee and Linda Lake.ID X and Y,put
funda [not Bonda!].

2)This one’s way under league for most people:-
X is formed through a process of nuclear fusion attendant to the explosion which destroyed …………….. .Some accounts describe the fusion process as a result of the explosion of ………………., others as the cause of it,but all agree that the majority of the debris was converted into X and propelled into interstellar space by the force of the explosion, with some ultimately reaching Earth.ID X.

3)Edmund Callis Berkeley was an American computer scientist who
co-founded the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in 1947. He
was also a social activist who worked to achieve conditions that might
minimize the threat of nuclear war.Berkeley founded, published and
edited Computers and Automation, thought to be the first computer
magazine. He also created the Geniac and “X” toy computers,which
predated the creation of the comic book character “X”.ID X.

4)A former Soviet republic,”X” was a military dictatorship ruled by
General Zod, supported by three metahumans Faora, Ignition and Kancer.
While its citizens were not necessarily free, they were healthy, safe
and prosperous. Much of the nation’s prosperity was due to the usage
of Kryptonian technology. Consisting mainly of annexed land from
Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, the country is roughly the
size of Massachusetts.ID X.

5)In an in-continuity novel , X is revealed to secretly own the
Thunder Corporation, a very large and powerful company that he uses as
a front to finance his criminal organization. The Chairman of the
Board and principle stockholder of Thunder Corporation was a
non-existent billionaire playboy named Lucius D. Tommytown.X would
occasionally hire an actor to portray Tommytown in order to continue
the illusion and would even write fanciful reports about the playboy’s
activities and having them sent to a magazine under the alias Brian
Wallingford. The headquarters for the Thunder Corporation legitimate
operations and, unbeknownst to all, headquarters for X’s criminal
empire and location of his penthouse suite was the Zephrymore
Building.ID X.

[Answers will be up in 3 days in case no one attempts]

cheers! 🙂

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