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I am not anti-feminist, but……………

April 28, 2011

First and foremost, this article is meant to be viewed only for funny purposes and any incidents or people similar to real life circumstances are purely INTENTIONAL and we beg your pardon if we do hurt anyone’s feelings.

At a marriage:
“how are you ramu?”
“I’m fine mami. How are you mami?”
[The slightly obese lady in her mid 40s is basically uncomfortable with the 17 year old boy’s reply]
“No ramu,i’m not that old!just call me aunty”
[Now the boy is feeling uncomfortable!]

The lady in her 40s,typically wearing a really grand looking saree , with golden deer prancing around in a forest of silver trees without knowing that the forest as well as themselves are not real ; with a concentrated aroma of lactocalamine or vicco turmeric or now Vaseline body lotion , etc [sometimes all combined] and face bleached so much that it is next to impossible to identify her from a distance ; with her unusually BLACK[-ened] hair tied in a bun around her head , to show off that it is still alive ; with her overly large sun-glasses suggesting that the Indian sun is really hostile to their eyes [though she did play bare-feet and clothed only in a frock under this very sun when she didn’t wanna show off];with a large bindi sticker and claiming that she’s allergic to kumkum/sindhoor ; eating with a knife and fork [even idlies],so as to show off that she’s got used to eating without her fingers getting dipped in sabji; waving a custom made leather hand-bag trademarked “MADE IN ThE USA” [without knowing that 2/3 of the leather hand-bags are exported from India];showing off her pictures she took posing next to foreigners in various exotic foreign lands [without having once visited her native place even once nor having seen the family deity idol and worshipped it even once] ; mouthing English in a more American accent [while forgetting the simplest words in their mother-tongue like banana , tomorrow , food , vessel , etc] ; discussing [literally shouting so that everyone hears] the salary and green-card of her son in The USA ;and finally, constantly complaining about the cleanliness about India while she seldom has had the courage to scold her daughter-in-law [who has virtually made her son a puppet in her hands] to throw the chocolate wrapper in the trash-can!

Of course , we do have exceptional variations , but most of them fall into this grand category! And as Indians we all are , we’re generally astounded by how their habits have changed! We care about how non-Desi they’ve become but not about how much of Desi-ness they’ve lost . What has happened to us?Are we developing positively or negatively? When will we Indians not be ashamed to be an Indian?

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