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Quizzers will have the answers in their finger tips

April 25, 2011

X is something very familiar to all of us.

X is sometimes in some countries filled in marker pens and in some other countries in bottles.

It is a type of pigment which is not known to many countries ruled by kings and dictators.

The general standard for this pigment is ten,fourteen or eighteen percentage of AgNO3  solution(water based or alcohol based) and sometimes may contain anti bacterial chemicals to avoid infection.

This pigment x when exposed to light ,due to some  chemical reaction with ultra violet light becomes a stain. So, when you it spill on clothes ,it will not go away for atleast 10 years unless you apply chlorine bleach.

Before the photosensitive reaction takes place, this pigment is violet in color and after the reaction X will become brown or black based on the concentration of AgNO3 and the amount of light falling on the pigment.

ID  X????? 

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  1. April 25, 2011 12:58 pm

    The answer is Voter’s Ink

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