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Unfinished Chaos

April 10, 2011

some explanations for the phrase “putting money in a ______’ include:
The word “______’ is another word to describe a pot. One theory is that when people didn’t have a pot, they put money in a hat. The rhyming slang for hat is _____ X. So it became known as ‘putting it in the _______’.
Another theory is that half a century ago, the term ‘______’ (a modified form of ‘kidcote’) was a term in various northern English dialects for a prison or house of correction. During card games, such as poker, placing money in the centre of the players renders it off-limits or locked-up until the winner claims it – leading to this association with the ‘_____’.FITB.

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  1. April 11, 2011 3:36 pm

    putting money in a kitty
    kitty cat

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