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March 6, 2011

The past few days have been quite sigificantly marvellous just in terms of the hyperactivity and confusion that has been surrounding us,STUDENTS,@sastra.Last week,the iconic inter-Collegiate Techfest happened @sastra.The invitations were definitely sent to colleges which,i think,exceed the number of fingersof atleast 4 or 5 perfectly-normal-homo sapiens sapiens withno previous history of amputation of their arms ( ;P).speaking of this event,brings the memory ofatleast 300 [not SPARTANS FYI] students [especially Facchas] who had the guts to demand for their rights right in front of the much self-celebrated-as-the-“MOST POWERFUL MAN @sastra”.Yup,all sastra-ians/-ites [or if people still prefer the good ol’ Shanmugans  ;)] currently residing in the college campus know of the most successful endeavour of the Facchas of sastra.for the info of people who don’t have any idea as little as the weight of one Jau,lemme explain………………….[the dots represent the dissolution of the screen so that i can take you back to the past ;P]

24th feb-thursday-final three periods of the day,in Analog electronics lab!!!!I exclaimed softly to myself during my lunch -“oh darn!the last working hours of theweek and it has to be in vidyut!”

The three day tech fest promised us hostlers a good 3  day vacation [and as an extension – splendid food,wonderfully clean floors and the freedom to walk barefeet on the clean floor without the fear of stepping on the goo from the nasal cavities or chewed gum which as been in the buccal cavity of a large uncouth barbarian ,recently or if not recent,definitely a good enough nutrient medium for green or red colored wierd types of fungi which are yet to be classified and named after the owner of the DNA in the chewed gum…..and ofcourse,most importantly,the obvious chance of having quality time with our parents]so…every guy and gal,who felt that staying @sastra during the fest was way below their level or the other way around,applied for an open permission to go homefor the weekend.but FATE,sorry,the IDLY,sorry again,DOSA had other plans in mind.he’d have probably thought “The Phest is phor you students.Iph you studentsleave,who will be the audience?so,you will haph to stay!!!” And so began the psychological trauma of students.

Students who were Ferrum-willed,decided to persuade The North Indian by talking…..or atleast by crying with a sashtaanga namaskar.the other people were mostly vacillating between what was best – try our luck or just stay and hog in the food-courts by hanging around with pals……coming back to the strong ones-the south indian  dish never decided to let any student inside his CABIN.There began the commotion.

The clock showed 4.30,and wonder of wonders,our lab teacher left us [the first time in 10 or 12 classes that this has happened!!].Now a huge crowd was brimmingup the entrance of vidyut.there were atleast 200 or so people standing there,waiting for “him” to say “YES”.but alas,he was a “NO-MAN”!!to this,the crowd startedraising it’s voice and hence the widely popular [among students] and notorius[among professors] slogan – “WE WANT PERMISSION” was born.After 2 hours of hankering for the permission,the  finally roasted-paper decided to leave us all!

c’mon sir!let’s be dignified!!

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