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TATA Crucible – 2011 Trichy Edition

March 1, 2011

“Put your hands together….”

This is something that trichy people have been missing all these years. This years’ edition of tata crucible started off with a bang in trichy a new entry into the quizzing foray. Was grossly enjoyable for amateurs since, having underestimated the potential of quizzers in this area, the quiz was more of a gas stove than a crucible. However, The questions were the kind that made you think, and not remember. Typical of Pickbrain. The coimbatore edition questions were quite challenging. The quizmaster had only two states as regards the answers for questions.. Either he immediately said,”Passing on” to the team who had answered wrongly, or issued statements such as “You mean..”, “Uh…” and other fillers… This gave away what little suspense was there regarding the rightness  of the answer since the keen-witted audience (filled with quizzers, duh!) caught on to the fact pretty quickly and started clapping whenever he didn’t start with a filler…

And the star of the show was none other than the infamous tata nano!! This was more of a brand placement strategies by the tata group. Come on “tata nano” round for the audience? Cricketphiliac Pickbrain had once again centered the finals around the sport, but no complaints there. It was a fun-filled 3 hours. The credit goes to

Overall i think Pickbrain & co. underestimated quizzers from highway number 67.

Review by snoopy and sid and here is the slidshare link for the prelims

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