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IDeee again

February 21, 2011

wiki reads:

One micro-X is equal to 1.2096 seconds.This has become a joke in computer science because in the VMS operating system, the TIMEPROMPTWAIT variable, which holds the time the system will wait for an operator to set the correct date and time at boot if it realizes that the current value is bogus, is set in microXs. This is because the computer uses a loop instead of the internal clock which has not been activated yet to run the timer. In a further twist, the documentation notes that “[t]he time unit of micro-Xs is approximated as seconds in the implementation.”

Milli-Xs (about 20 minutes) and nano-Xs (1.2096 milliseconds) have also been used occasionally in computer science, usually in an attempt to be deliberately over-complex and obscure. The aim is generally to slow users down, allowing them to set parameters only after some thought.


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  1. siddarthpai275 permalink
    February 21, 2011 10:20 pm

    as it equals 12096000seconds

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