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unintentionally left Rank ;)

December 26, 2010

1)X is portrayed as a bird in sculpture and myth. Kushan images of X as a bird are found in Mathura, Deogarh and Mandor. In a third century version of Harivamsa, X is called the nurse of Y,[where Y is the uncle of X’s killer] who comes to a child as a female bird (shakuni), and is one of many birdlike female divinities mentioned in Harivamsa. X’s bird form symbolizes desire of materialistic objectives.In some texts, X is described as a Vaki, a female crane, thus a symbol of crookedness and hypocrisy.ID X.

2)n 2000, company “X”  obtained a registered trademark in the USA for the familiar frowny emoticon 😦 when used on “greeting cards, posters and art prints”. In 2001, they issued a satirical press release, announcing that they would sue “anyone and everyone who uses the so-called ‘frowny’ emoticon, or our trademarked logo, in their written email correspondence. Ever.”ID X.

3)this is the initial layout of a game called “Thud!”,what do the Ts and ds represent?

4)this is the logo of?


[not very complicated pic]

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  1. December 27, 2010 3:23 am

    4.zombie squad..
    1.putana, the demoness.
    3. t for trolls, d for dwarfs.
    5. 666.

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