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lost and found………….again?!!

December 19, 2010

1)kliMbing up &/or down a stairkase;ID this guy who shared a k9 award with the kreator of tiMe’s brief history!!

2)This is a list that Y gave to his grandson U, written on a piece of paper, on their final day together, shortly before Y’s assassination:

  • Wealth without work
  • Pleasure without conscience
  • Knowledge without character
  • Commerce without morality
  • Science without humanity
  • Worship without sacrifice
  • Politics without principle

To this list, U added an eighth, rights without responsibilities.ID Y,U.

3)The main advantage of __________ is its high viscosity, which supports a higher proportion of pigments in the medium. The pigments are typicallycopper phthalocyanine and iron oxides, and the _____ is made up of water and biopolymers, such as xanthan gum and tragacanth gum, as well as some types of polyacrylate thickeners.FITB

4)direkt question!!!what?where?

5)what is this?

[two sets of questions -why?-kos of no question set of qrish last week!!]

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  1. cerebralpursuits permalink
    December 19, 2010 5:39 pm

    1.Sir Roger Penrose
    2.Y-M.K.Gandhi & U-Arun Gandhi
    3.Gel Pen
    4.Ok this is a Step Well..This one is called Chand Baori & its a Jaipur,Rajasthan.The first picture is a poster from the movie, The Fall by Tarsem Dhandwar Singh.This Iconic Image from the movie was shot at Chand Baori.
    5.Yeah & this is a Pomodoro Timer.Its a time management technique by Francesco Cirillo where this Timer uses a time frame of 25 mins.The 25 minute intervals are called Pomodoros which in Italian means Tomato.

  2. Qrish permalink*
    December 20, 2010 11:22 am

    oll korrekt!

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