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XAM TYME!:serious?nah…lite theesko!

November 20, 2010

1)”X” took an active role in helping the affected people during the
1914 floods that struck Bihar and Bengal. When the earthquake of Bihar
occurred on 15 January 1934,”X” was in jail, During that period, he
passed his responsibility to his close colleague and eminent Gandhian
Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha.”X” was released two days later, and set
himself for the task of raising funds to help the people. The Viceroy
of India had raised his own fund, though X’s fund collected over 38
Lakhs (Rs. 3,800,000), three times what the Viceroy raised.ID X.

2)”X”, a form coined by the orientalist G.W. Leitner in a deliberate
attempt to dissociate British imperial rule from that of preceding
dynasties was taken by Queen Victoria from 1 May 1876, and proclaimed
at the Delhi Durbar of 1877.
“X” was instituted by Queen Victoria on April 10, 1900.The name
translates as “_______________”, a name also used for a rare Indian
butterfly Teinopalpus imperialis. The Royal Warrant for “X” was
amended in 1901, 1912, 1933 and 1939. While never officially
rescinded, “X” ceased to be awarded following the passage of the
Indian Independence Act 1947.Recently discovered,”X” has been given
out a total of 142 times.ID X.

3)arun Purie launched “Y” the magazine in 1975 as a strategic move to
keep the printing press busy. The magazine was born in the time of
emergency. Its never before seen brand of journalism without fear or
favour transformed the landscape of Indian journalism. With editions
in five languages, it is the most widely–read publication in India–a
position it has held for over a decade–with a readership of over 11
million.ID Y.

4)The term “X” may have originated from the Tamil term meaning North,
indicating their Northern origin . This claim is supported by the fact
that, unlike other subsects, some “X”s pay oblations in their daily
Sandhyavandanam to the river Narmada in Central India.However, what is
not certain is whether ‘North’ refers to northern Tamil Nadu/Southern
Deccan, or regions farther north. Other scholars are of the opinion
that rather than the superficial indication of a northern origin for
the people, the term “X” would rather refer to proficiency in Sanskrit
and Vedic ritual, generally associated with the north prior to the
first millennium A. D.ID X.

here’s my favorite question in this set!

5)X’s grandson Gopal Gandhi believes that there were multiple factors
that led to the composition of “Y” by X.He also suspects the presence
of hidden meanings in “Y”.He believes that the song had been inspired
by an incident which took place in the shrine of Tirupathi in 1925,
when X had defended the right of an untouchable to enter the shrine of
Tirupathi.Gopal Gandhi believes that X compares the untouchable’s
inability to have a glimpse of his favorite God to his own inability
to have a glimpse of the invisible creator.ID X and Y.

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  1. November 20, 2010 8:49 pm

    1, rajendra prasad..
    3..india today..
    5.kurai onlum illai…. rajaji or chakravarti rajagopalachari..

  2. cerebralpursuits permalink
    November 22, 2010 5:37 pm

    1) First President of India.Dr.RP
    2)Kaisar-i-Hind it is..
    3)His name is written like this Aroon Purie..Obv the mag is India Today.
    4)Its the Vadamas right?..Vada or Vadakku means North in Tamil.
    5)This is my favorite ques & that is my favorite MSS number too..Superb Question Buddy..
    Gopal Gandhi is the grandson of Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, who is X..He wrote & composed Kurai Ondrum Illai,which is Y..Absolute treat,one gets to listen from the Amazingly Mellifluous MSS.

    & I love your quizzes..Full-Indian..It has got an Amazing feel..Thanks & Cheers 🙂

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