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October 28, 2010

after a tiring week of preparations for the odd sem intra-collegiate cult fest of sastra-“CARPEDIEM”,we had a really great time.though i most of us from the blog couldn’t attend the other cults,ELS had us sitting on the edge of our seats with awesome ety,quiz and dumbc events.[since the author wasn’t able to present himself for the final 3 hours of carpe at the vv audi,he’s unable to give finer details of how the wonderful spectacle ended].the India quiz in the hindi lits was equally commendable.but what we missed on the whole were the rib-tickling accents of zing-zing,the lanky presence of animax and the kiddish comedy of macho-boy.we really miss you guys!three cheers to the people who made our first year worth all the fun!hip hip huray!past is’s useless to stay rooted on to the events of the bygone era.this is the time for the all time cool character of kajax,the intellectual arguments of maestro,the quizzical conversations of soulpatch,the fun filled conversations of shady-blue and last but not least,the soft cheer filled anagrams of witty!YES,AN ERA HAS GONE BY,AND A NEW ERA HAS DAWNED.

though we never felt the time go by so soon,yet master time has come and shaken his lil’ finger teasing most of us at the way we all let him go by without even caring to look at him and say that “look here mister time!i’ve been the best in my business!”.yes ,time has had effects on us,and that too pretty much heavily…….

speaking of the lost time,we guys i.e mama,aqua,kosu,knitty and qrish had our schooling completed at a prestigious school in the heart of kailasapuram township,BHEL,trichy.and the Old Students’ Association of this school has it’s rich tradition of organising a biennial inter-school cult fest with the intention of reuniting all members atleast that once every two years and that cult fest is called OSCAR!![notice the anagrammed RSK syllables and the OSA in the name?!!]OSCAR’s planned for this friday and saturday and aqua,mama and i are obliged to have the responsibilty of organising the quiz and potpourri events!TNQ OSA!

OSCAR does bring back quite a lot of memmories gushing to my thoughts and they’re ….um…..well……some very fascinating and others pretty childishly funny.enough of all nostalgia.lets have our new set of questions now!!!here we go again![this set has ten questions to compensate for the absence of any questions in the past two weeks]

1)Upon graduating as an engineer, “X” took up a job with the Public
Works Department (PWD) of Bombay & was later invited to join the
Indian Irrigation Commission. He implemented an extremely intricate
system of irrigation in the Deccan area. He also designed and patented
a system of automatic weir water floodgates that were first installed
in 1903 at the Khadakvasla Reservoir near Pune. These gates were
employed to raise the flood supply level of storage in the reservoir
to the highest level likely to be attained by a flood without causing
any damage to the dam. Based on the success of these gates, the same
system was installed at the Tigra Dam in Gwalior and the Krishnaraja
Sagara (KRS) Dam in Mandya/ Mysore,Karnataka. In 1906-07, Government
of India sent him to Eden,(Africa) to study water supply and drainage
system and the project prepared by him was implemented in Eden
successfully.ID X.

2)”X” was a eunuch slave who became a general in the army of Alauddin
Khilji. He was originally seized by Alauddin’s army after the army
conquered the city of Khambhat.Alauddin Khilji fell in love with the
effeminate beauty of “X”, castrated and converted him to Islam.”X” was
also called “Thousand Dinar “X” “, probably the amount paid by sultan
for his possession. “X” rose quickly in the army. He was made malik
naib, the senior commander of the army. In 1294 he led the sultan’s
army against the capital city of the Yadava kingdom, Devagiri. He led
further invasions southward into the Kakatiya dynasty, winning immense
riches for the sultanate and sacking many Hindu temples.ID X.

3)”X” was established in 1932 as a result of the “X” Act of 1932.
According to the act, administration of the temple was vested to a
committee of seven members and overseen by a paid commissioner as
appointed by the Madras Government. Advising the committee were 2
advisory councils – one comprising of priests and temple
administrators to aid the committee with the operations of the
________ temple and another comprising of farmers for advise on
______’s land and estate transactions. The Act was revolutionary in
that no specific qualification for temple administration was laid for
the commissioner and the committee members. However the act was
limited in scope in temple fund generation and usage for religious
purposes.ID X.

4)the Kautuka Beram or Bhoga Srinivasa is a tiny one foot silver
idol,which was offered to the tirumala temple in 614 AD by Pallava
Queen Samavai Perindevi. This idol was reconstituted to the temple in
the series of worship.This is idol is known as Bhoga Srinivasa because
this idol enjoys all the Bhoga which the Moolavar has.This idol has
never come out of the temple from the day it was engaged in daily
worship in the temple. This idol is always placed near the left foot
of Moolavar and is always connected to the main idol by a holy joint
Sambandha Kroocha.This tiny idol holds a Prayoga Chakra (Ready to
strike),so what is done?

5)who is the only actor, albeit in small roles, to act in all the
first talkies of Indian Cinema; Alam Ara in Hindi, Kalidas in Tamil
and Baktha Prahalada in Telugu?

6)Practical compositions of “X” are Cu, Au, Ag, Pb and Zn; Cu, Ag, Pb,
Fe and Sn; and Sn, Cu, Fe, Pb, and brass. Because of the cost, gold
and silver are now omitted from the manufacture of general-purpose
icons, where copper, brass, and lead in the ratio 29:2:1 are used.ID

7)In the Hindu texts, at least seven types of “X” are found:
Ananda,Tripura,Sandhya,Samhara,Kali (Kalika),Uma and Gauri .However,
some people believe that there are 16 types of “X”.ID X.

8)A tale from the Bhagavata Purana states that when the earth was
about to be engulfed by water, “X” prayed to Vishnu to rescue him.
Vishnu appeared in the form of a child floating on a leaf, and
declared to “X” that he was Time and Death. He requested “X” to enter
into his mouth and save himself from the surging water. Inside the
boy’s stomach “X” discovered all the worlds, the seven regions and the
seven oceans. The mountains and the kingdoms were all there. So were
all living beings. “X” did not know what to make of all this and
started to pray to Vishnu. No sooner had he started, than he came out
of the boy’s mouth. Vishnu now appeared before him and blessed him.
“X” spent a thousand years with Vishnu. He composed the Bala
mukundashtakam at this moment.ID X.

9)Veerappa Moily, the Minister of Law, Justice, and Company Affairs
and Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, fiercely lobbied for the
establishment of an IIT in Muddenahalli. The Indian Institute of
Technology Muddenahalli is to be the 16th IIT in India and has
received preliminary approval from the cabinet and Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh.Construction is set to be commenced soon and will be
completed around 2012.of all places in karnataka,why muddenahalli?

10)She is depicted in votive statuary, seated on a square platform
which rests on the back of four elephants representing the four
corners of the world. When depicted with four arms, she holds a
pomegranate, a water vessel, a bowl containing healing herbs, and
another containing vegetables.When shown with two arms, she holds a
blue lotus known as Komud or Uttpal the night lotus, in the right
hand.The left hand may be in the Abhaya Mudra – fearlessness or the
Lolahasta Mudra which is an aesthetic pose meant to mimic the tail of
a cow.who is she?

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  1. October 28, 2010 3:33 pm

    1.mokshagundam visvarayya..
    2.malik kafur..
    3.tirumala tirupati devasthanams..
    4.This is a tiny one foot silver idol,which was offered to the temple in 614 AD by Pallava Queen Samavai Perindevi. This idol was reconstituted to the temple in the series of worship and is regarded as Kautuka Beram. This is idol is popularly known as Bhoga Srinivasa. This is because this idol enjoys all the Bhoga (worldly Pleasures) which the Moolavar has. It is this idol which sleeps in the golden cot every night, it is this idol which receives SahasraKalashabishekam every Wednesday. This idol has never come out of the temple from the day it was engaged in daily worship in the temple. This idol is always placed near the left foot of Moolavar and is always connected to the main idol by a holy joint Sambandha Kroocha. This idol is always faced to 45 degrees to the devotees who come to see the Lord. This is because this tiny idol holds a Prayoga Chakra (Ready to strike), so its kept at an angle of 45 degree. prasad..
    6.pancholoha of lord natraja..
    7.tandava nritya..
    9.birthplace of mokshagundam visvarayya, engineer’s day..

    questions were so easy to crack!!! without google even..

    • Qrish permalink*
      October 28, 2010 3:52 pm

      excellente!i dont think i know you but truly remarkable!hats off!Oll Korrect sir!OK!!!!!

  2. November 1, 2010 3:43 pm

    i m from assam engineering college..guwahati…just interested in quizzing………newayz nice questions!

    • Qrish permalink*
      November 3, 2010 7:38 pm

      excellent my dear fellow quizzer!im happy to welcome you on behalf of all the authors to our blog.please do inform us of any quizzing events from like to know more about events in assam.thank you for visiting us.please do try answering the questions.cheers!

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