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jai bol!

October 11, 2010

after quite a tiring week of work for the intercollegiate technical fest called”BAHISPRANA”,by the be@s i.e booengineers @sastra,the weekend saw my first time experience in organising a rather non-cultural events.the week went on with hectic duties @P.R desks @juniors’ hostels and poster sticking,marketting(not me ofcourse,my other pals faithfully and with hardwork did that),etc finally the time came for all of us for the showdown!the whole event went on with a triumphant roar and the main result is that the groundfloor(inhabited by the be@s) of JVC has been …like…integrated into one great family!now almost everyone knows eveerybody!

since there was another quiz,on sunday, @trichy organised by the eco-brigade @sastra,aqua,samurai and others had to give up time for setting the questons for bith the prelims and finals.the event was ofcourse for school-goers but 2 sastra teams won the top 2 positions in the event!and coincidentally,mama and rytvidu emerged as the victorius team!congrats mama and rytvidu!good show!

speaking of quiz events,the mechanical maestros @sastra,organised a technical quiz,(stylishly called the TECHANICAL quiz by the authors) which went with full flames!and both rytvidu’s and aqua’s team emerged to the finals!the finals saw 25 questions in 5 good rounds,definitely entertaining the 5 finalists.aqua’s team(with mama ofcourse) came first and rytvidu(with samurai and a faccha) came 4th(i think,i’m not sure).good job y’all!

now coming back to BAHISPRANA,the self-styled TECHNICAL BIO-QUIZ had wonderful prelims questions.the finals had 5 rounds put to 5 teams(a curious coincidence).the most comical part of the quiz prelims was that it had only 7 teams participating!smashin’ aint it?i know!

after organisational experience,we authors have taken a small poll and realised the significance of organising a quiz show within our means.thus,we’ve decided to set questions (for free) and organise(for a humble travel allowance by bus alone and only in case a venue is provided) quizzes at schools or any instituition for any function or celebration in areas within 40-50 km from trichy preferably.we have a handful of volunteers as well but we’ll be merrier in case we’re provided with more volunteers.

we’ll shortly provide the contact please bear with us.

enough of news and stories,now another set here!

1)Being a sensitive area amidst three countries, the X is heavily
patrolled by the Indian Army, the assam Rifles, the Border Security
Force, and the west bengal Police. In recent times the area has become
the focus of illegal crossings between Bangladesh rebels and Nepali
Maoist insurgents, both in search of refuge from their countrymen. A
flourishing narcotics and weapons traffic also takes place in this
regionID X.

2)The Xs claim descent from the legendary king Agrasena of Agroha or
Agreya, near Hisar in Haryana. King Agrasen who was elder bother of
Shoorsen Vrishni and elder grand father of Balrama and shri Krishna
Vrishni of Mahabharata, descendant of King yayati of Khandavprastha.
King agrasen made it capital of his state. while his younger bother
Shursen including Balram and Shri Krishan decided to stay at Dwarka
due to fear from Jarasandh King of Magadh. according to the Noted Indian
Hindi author Bharatendu Harishchandra ,Maharaja Agrasena was a
Suryavanshi Kshatriya leader, born during the last stages of Dwapar
Agrasena fathered 18 children, from whom the X gotras came into
being. Maharaja Agrasena was a peaceful king and did not like
violence, once while performing a yagna, the Rajguru asked Maharaja
Agrasena to sacrifice a goat in order for the ceremony to be
successfully completed. Agrasena did not wish to kill the innocent
animal and refused to the killing of the animal. The Rajguru advised
that since he was a Kshatriya king, it was his duty to perform the
ritual and if he does not wish to proceed, he should give up Kshatriya
caste and take up Vaishyacaste.ID X.

3)The Kathasaritsagara mentions that X’s curse was responsible for the
separation of the couple – king Pururavas and the apsara Urvashi.
Pururavas was once visiting heaven, when Rambha was performing before
her preceptor X. Pururavas insulted her by finding a fault in her
dance. When X questioned Pururavas’s knowledge of the divine dances of
heaven, the king responded that his wife Uravashi had taught him more
than what X knew about the subject. Agitated,X cursed the king that he
would be separated from Urvashi till he performs penance to Vishnu.
The Gandharvas then kidnapped Urvashi, resulting in the curse to come
true.ID X.

4)what is this a list of?
Śhailaputrī, Brahmachāriṇī, Chandrakaṇṭā, Kuṣhmāṇḍā, Skandamātā,
Kātyāyanī, Kālarātrī, Mahāgaurī and Siddhidātrī

5)Srivaishnavite legend relates this story—As a teenager X challenged
the royal priest Akkiyalvan of the Pandya king . Akkiyalvan, when he saw the age of the youth, asked
sarcastically “Xa?” meaning “has he come to rule me?”. He defeated
Akkiyalvan by proving through the accepted rules of logic that
Akkiyalvan’s mother was barren, the king was not righteous and the
queen unchaste. The king and queen, impressed that the boy has
understood the shortcomings of logic, adopted him. In other versions
of the legend, he is given half the kingdom. There is no historical
record to show his reign so it is possible that this happened in a
smaller village rather than the kingdom of Pandya.ID X.

please forgive me for the long post!can’t help it!


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  1. October 11, 2010 2:07 pm

    1.siliguri corridor or chicken neck.
    4.nava durga or the 9 forms of durga maa.

  2. Mama permalink*
    October 16, 2010 7:52 pm


    Visaka aka Mama

    • cerebralpursuits permalink
      October 17, 2010 1:37 pm

      4.These are the Navadurgas.
      2.Agrawals I guess.
      1.Vis is right..Its called the Chicken’s Neck or the Siliguri Corridor.
      5.Again I guess Vis is right..Yamunacharya is what hit my mind straight away..
      3.Tumburu is bang on target..Good job Vis.

      God’s Own 🙂

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