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the ring is wed,god save the ring;)

October 2, 2010

1)On May 1, 2007, an e-mail sent to those on the Beastie Boys’ mailing
list revealed the album is all instrumental.
“ OK, here’s our blurb about our new album — it spits hot fire! — hot
shit! it’s official… it’s named _______. g’wan. all instrumental
record. “see i knew they were gonna do that!” that’s a quote from you.
check the track listing and cover below. you love us. don’t

2)the name X is obscure in origin. In 1705 Thomas Hearne wrote: The X
got its Name from Christopher Catling. Kit Catling was the keeper of a
pie-house in Shire Lane, by Temple Bar, where the club originally met.
On the other hand, one of his mutton pies known as a _______, always
formed a standing dish at meetings of the club and the pie is thus
itself sometimes regarded as the origin of the name.

3)The term ‘X’ was coined by the net artist and curator Helen Varley
Jamieson. She states that the invention of this term in 2000 “came out
of the need to find a word that avoided the polarisation of virtual
and real, and the need for a new term (rather than ‘online
performance’ or ‘virtual theatre’) for a new genre” . Jamieson traces
the history of X back to the Satellite Arts Project of 1977, when
interactive art pioneers Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz used live
video mixing to create what they called “a performance space with no
geographic boundaries”.
Xs have taken place in a number of the virtual environments that have
emerged since the 1980s, including the multi-user virtual environments
known as MUDs and MOOs in the 1970s, internet chat spaces in the
1980s, the Palace graphical chatroom in the 1990s, and UpStage and
Second Life in the 2000s.ID X.

10)X defines a style of hip hop music that focuses primarily around
horror-influenced topics that can include Satanism, cannibalism,
suicide and murder. The lyrics are often inspired by horror movies
over moody, hardcore beats.According to rapper Mars, “If you take
Stephen King or Wes Craven and you throw them on a rap beat, that’s
who I am.”X was described by Entertainment Weekly in 1995 as a “blend
of hardcore rap and bloodthirsty metal.”The lyrical content of X is
sometimes described as being similar to that of death metal, and some
have referred to the genre as death rap.X artists often feature dark
imagery in their music videos and base musical elements of songs upon
horror film scores.ID X.

[P.S:i know that you’d have noticed that we’re one short of the usual set of 5 questions,please do excuse me for that this time!

thanking you,

yours quizzically,


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  1. Qrish permalink*
    October 2, 2010 11:53 am

    and sorry for the numbering mistake!it is question 4 and not 10.pls forgive me for this error

    • cerebralpursuits permalink
      October 2, 2010 12:22 pm

      1)The album is called The Mix-Up..It has very different & nice cover.
      2)Good question.Christopher Catling??..Chris is Kit & Catling is Kat..Its the Kit Kat club.
      3)Upstage is a give away..Cyber + performance = Cyberformance.
      4)Another nice ques..This particular genre is called Horrorcore..Or should I say Sub-genre because it a style of Hip-Hop?

      God’s Own 🙂

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