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September 29, 2010

1)There are three theories as to the origin of the name of X or Y:

* the first part of X means “Dig” and second part means “Drink” –
The town had no rivers and the only source of drinking water was from
* the first part meaning land “reclaimed” from sea while the
second part also stands for “settlement” or “colony”. Hence X could
mean a settlement built on land reclaimed from sea.
* Finally, the name Y was used by foreigners who came here.

Today the city is referred to as X in tamil and Y in English.ID X and Y.

2)The Xs firmly claim to be an ancient warrior caste and descendants
of the initial rulers of the ancient Pandyan Kingdom of Korkai.The
ancient capital city of Pandiya Nadu, Korkai, is predominantly
occupied by the Xs. After the Nayak invasion, it is believed that the
Xs were almost wiped out and most of the Xs lost their wealth due to
the invasion. It is believed that the then Nayak rulers of Tamil Nadu
imposed Deshaprashtam (ostracism) on the ancient Pandyas, to ensure
that their rise wouldn’t ever happen .The community which was known as
‘Shanans’ till the 19th century came to be known as Xs. The title X is
believed to be derived from the word for the aristocrats and the
highest of the old X community. The aristocrats among the Xs in those
days were known as _______ and the poor among the caste, who did toddy
tapping for a living, were known as climbing Shanars.The poor among
the Xs(climbing Shanars) during early times possessed no agricultural
lands due to the Nayak invasion.ID X.

3)The Spanish Jesuit missionaries in Peru were taught the healing power
of X by natives, between 1620 and 1630, when a Jesuit at Loxa was
indebted to its use for his cure from an attack of Y. It was used at
the recommendation of the Jesuits in 1630, when a Countess , wife of
the new viceroy, who had just arrived from Europe, was taken ill with
Y at Lima. The countess was saved from death, and in thanksgiving
caused large quantities of the X to be collected. This she distributed
to Y sufferers, partly in person and partly through the Jesuits of St.
Paul’s College at Lima (pulvis comitissæ). She did not return to
Europe and was not the first to bring the X there or to spread its use
through Spain and the rest of the continent, as stated by Markham. For
the earliest transportation of the X we must thank the Jesuit Barnabé
de Cobo, who rendered important services in the exploration of Mexico
and Peru. In his capacity of procurator of the Peruvian province of
his order, he brought the X from Lima to Spain, and afterwards to Rome
and other parts of Italy, in 1632. In the meanwhile its merits must
have been ascertained both in Lima and in various parts of Europe, as
the Count and his physician Juan de Vega brought it back with them in
1640.ID X,Y.

4)More than six hundred years ago an Islamic preacher Hazrat Badar
Aawlia arrived in this city from the seas and chose Cheragi Pahar as
his vantage point to spread the message of Islam among the locals. It
was at the apex of this hill that the pious messenger lit a chati
(lamp) and called out (ajaan) for people to join him in saying prayer
to God. X’s etymology can then be traced unmistakably back to “chati.”
And the hills are at the core of X’s mythology.

5)The area in which X is, has been inhabited by the indigenous
Pakhtuns since ancient time, at least since 500 B.C.The Greek
historian Herodotus mentioned a people called Pactyans living in and
around Arachosia as early as the 1st millennium BC.A year after
defeating Darius III of Persia in the Battle of Gaugamela, Alexander
the Great arrived to the Afghan tribal area and in a letter to his
mother he described the Pakhtuns as lion-like brave people.

I am involved in the land of a ‘Leonine’ (lion-like) and brave
people, where every foot of the ground is like a well of steel,
confronting my soldier. You have brought only one son into the world,
but Everyone in this land can be called an Alexander.
—Alexander the Great, 330 B.C.
which area?

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  1. cerebralpursuits permalink
    October 2, 2010 12:27 am

    1)Right X is Thoothukudi..Thoothu is Dig & Kudi is obviously drink..So Y is Tuticorin.
    2)Came back from the quiz that day & was reading about Ayyavazhi..So Nadar it is.
    3)Nah..I don’t have any idea..
    4)Nice question..Chittagong is the place..
    5)Hey..You remember?..I had a question on Sharbat Gula?..The Afghan girl with a Pashtun name..I guess I remember reading about this place while I was setting that one..Is the place by any chance Paktia?

    Yep that’s me 🙂

  2. Qrish permalink*
    October 2, 2010 9:31 am

    answers 1,2 and 4-ryto!
    the fifth one’s pretty much vague,i’m sorry for that!but i give it to you,it’s the fghan area
    the third one’s pretty much twisted,i’d suggest you try it with a guess

  3. Vinay Shekhar permalink
    April 24, 2013 5:54 pm

    3. Cinchona and Malaria

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