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once more pleeeeeease!!

September 14, 2010

coming out of my passion for india quizzing,now i hope i’m increasing our readers enthu with wider general questions apart from INDIA alone:)i definitely have to thank TIFAC@sastra for giving full access to the internet and unblocking blogs as well!cheers to sastra and tifac!and here goes another set:

1)The term X comes from an early 20th-century slang term used to
describe alcoholics who suffered from delirium tremens.The term became
associated with swing dancers who danced without any control or
knowledge of the dance.
Cab Calloway’s 1934 recording of “Call of the X and the film “Cab
Calloway’s X Party” popularized use of the word “X”, and created a
strong association between Calloway and X. Lyrics to “Call of the X”
clearly demonstrate the association between the word X and the
consumption of alcohol.

If you’d like to be a X,
First thing you must do is get a jug,
Put whiskey, wine and gin within,
And shake it all up and then begin.
Grab a cup and start to toss,
You are drinking jitter sauce!
Don’t you worry, you just mug,
And then you’ll be a X!

2)”Rum, bum, and concertina” is a British naval equivalent of ___________.
The phrase may have possibly originated with the following couplet:

“Who does not love ____________
Remains a fool his whole life long.”
Variations on this quote have been attributed to Martin Luther,
although Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations names Johann Heinrich Voss
(1751–1826) as a more likely source. what phrase?

3)Traditionally, in order to become X of the Mafia, the inductee had
to be a male of full Italian (preferably Sicilian) descent. Today, it
is believed that this requirement has been loosened so that males of
half Italian descent through their father’s line can also be inducted.
Other sources say that a half-Italian through his mother’s line can
also be acceptable if he has an Italian surname. Because many third
and fourth generation Italian Americans also have non-Italian
ancestry,having an Italian surname seems to have become the
prerequisite for Mafia membership.Some examples of X who are not of
full Italian descent include John A. Gotti, whose mother was of
Russian and Jewish descent, and “Cadillac” Frank Salemme, former boss
of the Patriarca Cosa Nostra family in Providence, Rhode Island, who
was half Irish. Philadelphia crime family boss John Stanfa was known
to recruit men who were not of Italian heritage. One of the
non-Italian men he recruited, John Veasey, became X of the Mafia.ID X.

4)The origin of the term is obscure, but is often explained as being
derived from the expression for “voice of the city.” Another plausible
etymology finds origins in the French _______, a valley in Normandy
noted for its style of satirical songs with topical themes.The term X,
referring specifically to North American variety entertainment, came
into common usage after 1871 with the formation of Sargent’s Great X
Company of Louisville, Kentucky. It had little, if anything, to do
with the Comédie en X of the French theatre.ID X.

5)he word “X” originates from the practice of smuggling illicit items
in ______, particularly the smuggling of alcohol during the American
Prohibition era. The word, over time, has come to refer to any illegal
or illicit product.This term has become an umbrella term for illicit,
unofficial, or unlicenced recordings, including vinyl LPs, silver CDs,
or any other commercially sold X-ed media or material.ID X.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. cerebralpursuits permalink
    September 20, 2010 7:15 pm

    I.I guess the term is alcoholism
    2.Women,Wine & Song
    3.Ok I have read this..Made member
    5.Ok I will guess..Bootleg from Bootleg recording

    You know who.

  2. Qrish permalink*
    September 28, 2010 9:20 am

    Good cracking poppy:)but the first one’s jitterbug.
    P.s-i’d rather stress on keeping the answers shorter:)

  3. Qrish permalink*
    September 28, 2010 9:22 am

    P.P.s-we’ll be back soon with questions.we currently are held down by our midsems:)cheers

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