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are these on 20 or 50!!!!!!bloody hell!

September 4, 2010

every day seems to go on in the same way!i wake up,attend to nature’s and my tummy’s calls and get dressed up to class.the classes seem to be as boring as ever and the only difference that i can see is the absence of any arithmetic operations except math!my luck is that i’ve gotta sit in class listening to lectures on biology[completely theoretical classes ofcourse]from the stroke of the first bell to the last except a bit of energetic math hour[only 4 every week]i get reeeeeeeeally bored when this happens everyday!ofcourse this is only my report of the classes @ JVC @sastra!for all those guys who don’t know what JVC is,it’s the bio-dept @sastra!it’s the abbreviation of jeeva chaithanya!and now my grades seem to be following facebook’s popularity only in the 3rd quadrant!smashing!enough of worries,now lets get on with the querries!

1)The original Y was invented in the 1930s by Sundel Doniger, a Polish
immigrant to the United States. He had planned to sell it to surgeons
as a scalpel but it was not acceptable, because it could not be
cleaned. His brother-in-law, Daniel Glück (father of poet Louise
Glück), suggested that it might be a good craft tool.ID Y.

2)The modern Z is generally said to have been invented in 1853,
although Galen was familiar with the concept.Robert Boyle and
Christopher Wren experimented with such devices in 1657,and
18th-century physician Dominique Anel created the modern pump Z as a
device to clean wounds.
Charles Pravaz (1791–1853), French surgeon, and Alexander Wood
(1817–1884), Scottish physician, independently invented the Z.
In all these cases, it was impossible to perform ______ without an
incision until Irish physician Francis Rynd invented the the main
component in 1844.Charles Pravaz adapted Rynd’s invention, rather than
using the usual component. Measuring 3 cm (1.18 in) long and 5 mm (0.2
in) in diameter, the Z was entirely in silver,made by Établissements
Charrière, and operated by a screw .Charles Pravaz did little
development of the invention; it was L. J. Béhier who made Pravaz’s
invention known across Europe.ID Z.

3)In June 2009, while filming in Oklahoma City,X was involved in a
controversy with residents when X pasted posters of sharks around
town.X said that X was trying to bring attention to the diminishing
population of great white sharks. Media outlets speculated that X
would be pursued and charged with vandalism.On June 16, 2009, Oklahoma
City police said that they wouldn’t pursue criminal charges against X,
because none of the property owners wanted to pursue it.X apologized
in a statement to People Magazine and said that X regretted X’s
actions.X later donated an undisclosed amount of money (over $500) to
the United Way, whose billboard X had obscured with one of the shark
posters.ID X.

4)Xs were first developed in the early 1970’s as a bicycle safety
accessory by a dentist, Dr. Jack Greenlaw. His idea of using small,
round dental A to be mounted on B as safety devices was quickly
accepted. Demand for the A outpaced his ability to manufacture them by
hand resulting in outsourcing the manufacturing to that of injection
molded plastic. Several other brands followed, initially designed for
the bicycle industry then later as an industrial and tactical device.
The success of A mounted on bicycle B continued for decades, finally
being adopted by construction and industrial workers as a safety
device, on B of snowmobilers, and in tactical environments like
Airsoft and SWAT applications adding a similar level of safety as A on

5)X is a U.S. citizen and holds a Ph.D. in computer science. He
graduated first in his class of seven million at ‘Caltech’ — Calcutta
Technical Institute.X began working at the ______ during his college
years to pay off his student loan, but stayed afterward as he had come
to enjoy his job and the friends he had made. He remained an illegal
immigrant until the Mayor proposed a municipal law to expel all
undocumented aliens. X responded by purchasing a forged birth
certificate from the local Mafia that listed his parents as U.S.
citizens Herb and Judy Nahasapeemapetilon, but when he realized he was
forsaking his origins, he abandoned this plan and instead successfully
managed to pass his citizenship test. Thus, he refers to himself as a
“semi-legal immigrant”.During 1985, X was a member of the barbershop
quartet The Be Sharps.ID X.

i hope i’ve not bored you!


all izz well!

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  1. cerebralpursuits permalink
    September 4, 2010 5:41 pm

    A pleasant Saturday evening with a Cup of Coffee would be the best time to read new things..I wish I could get that IITM Filter Kaapi..Let’s see if it is a good time to answer.

    1)Sundel Doniger + sell it to surgeons as a scalpel + good craft tool..Is more than enough..Well,we are discussing about the X-Acto Craft Knife..This is presently owned by the company with the mascot called Elmer the Bull..Actually Elmer’s Prod. Inc..Elmer the Bull is the husband of Elsie the Cow which is the mascot of Borden Diary Products(currently owned by Dean Foods)named after Gail Borden who was the inventor of the Condensed Milk & the one who co-founded the then New York Condensed Milk Company (Now,Borden Company) with a American businessman called Jeremiah Milbank.
    2)Giving or taking Pain?..From Knife–>Needle..Now matter how strong you are,that one second is going to be like..Scchhh Ahhh..Well this Z thing is what we connect to something called a Luer..A Hypodermic needle that is.
    3)I remember this pretty well..This happened sometime close to my birthday last year..Jessica Alba was filming The Killer Inside Me in Oklahoma at that time.
    4)Wonderful question..Ok,Dr. Jack Greenlaw was a dentist by profession.He loved Cycling.He was the founder of Bicycle Safety Inc.Basically what he did was,he designed a bicycle mirror which could be clamped on to a helmet using a dental mirror as he was dentist..This thing as it is clamped on to your head gear gives you a Third-Eye view of things happening at your rear side.Thus resulted what we call as Hardhat mounted mirrors which can be found at some construction sites & other such places.
    5)Quizzes seem to have a lot of ques on these Television Series..The Simpsons do find their share in a good number of quizzes..Badly wanted to read about the characters,the creators & the developers..I haven’t till date though..But that’s not how I got this..I was reading about the Apu Triology..So in the Influence part,it was mentioned that there is a guy called Apu Nahasapeemapetilon who owns the Kwik-E-Mart fictional Stores.So read about this guy..He has wife called Manjula & Octuplets it seems.

    God’s Own 🙂

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