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July 25, 2010

Hello world

Posting on behalf of  our India quiz specialist,free soul,impulsive thinker,compulsive drinker(of appy-fizz),mess-food hater, et al. who couldn’t post of his own thanks to exceptional internet connectivity at our college.

1.X was ” a country girl who had come to work in a newspaper office in the big city, a curvaceous girl with a quick wit, who wore her blond hair in a high ponytail and favored perilously high heels with hertight skirts and capri pants”.she was the inspiration for what greathing in a girl’s life in the USA?

2.ID and put funda:

3. Of the many stories about the invention of the X, one frequent theme
is the sinfulness of the ice cream soda and the need to produce a
substitute for the popular treat for consumption on a particular day
of the week. Peter Bird writes in The First Food Empire (2000) that
the name ‘X’ was adopted from Illinois state’s early prohibition of
ice cream consumption on “the particular day of the week”, because ice
cream with a topping that obscured the main product was not deemed to
be ice cream.what’s X?

4. Professional clowns typically do not make disparaging remarks about
other clowns, not only because this is considered petty, but because
of the tradition that “_____”, in other words, to mention a poor
performer by name is to provide that performer with undue

5.X has three distinct elements
The Spiral … stands for imagination, the power of an idea.
The Hand … holds the gifts of skill, discipline and craftsmanship.
The Wand and the Star … represent magic: the spark that is ignited
when imagination and skill combine to create a new dream

6. on one particular day:
*In Japan, at two minutes past midnight, Osaka Media Port, a
telecommunications carrier, found errors in the date management part
of the company’s network. The problem was fixed by 02:43 and no
services were disrupted.
*In Australia, bus-ticket-validation machines in two states failed to operate.
*In the United States, the U.S. Naval Observatory, which runs the
master clock that keeps the country’s official time, had a glitch on
its Web site. Due to a programming problem, the site reported that the
date was shown wrong.
*In France, the national weather forecasting service, Meteo France,
said a bug made the date on a web page show a map with Saturday’s
weather forecast in the same wrong manner.This also occurred on other
Web sites, including, at the time a general-purpose portal
site primarily for AT&T World-net customers in the United States.
so what am i (read Abhinav) talking about?

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  1. cerebralpursuits permalink
    July 25, 2010 7:06 pm

    1.Reinhard Beuthien’s creation,Bild Lilli Doll(predecessor of Barbie).
    2.I have seen this.Its just not coming out of my throat.Will answer if I manage to get it out.
    3.Today is a Sunday & I love anything to do with Sundaes.
    4.’a knock is a plug’.
    5.The Disney Legends award(I had asked this ques before,you rem qrish?).
    6.Qrish is talking about the problems caused by the Y2K or the millenium bug.

    God’s own 🙂

  2. Mama permalink*
    July 25, 2010 9:44 pm

    2. Its the chernobyl medal

  3. Qrish permalink*
    July 26, 2010 7:11 am

    Excellent!you guys have got me left right and centred!
    @poppy-marvellous answers!i guess i slightly do remember that question being asked by you,sorry for that:)i was pretty sure that the question was asked already,but not where or when or by who:)
    @mama-i give you full points for your answer,but the word i expected was ‘liquidators’ medal for the chernobyl heroes:)good work man:)and i’m happy that you’re back again!
    With the unexpectedly saddening news that carpedium is to be held much late after festemver,i take leave of you guys:(

  4. cerebralpursuits permalink
    July 26, 2010 5:12 pm

    Hey..Yeah,remember reading this..Good ques..Liquidator is the word..ah,missed it..Answered these after a session of digital photography,so dint really have it all to sit down,rack & crack it..Good set:)..Cheers 🙂

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