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June 8, 2010

The Lost Action Hero-RAMARAJAN

Who can forget Ramarajan the yesteryear hero,matinee idol,dancer,singer,et al. Known for his portrayal of rustic roles Ramarajan provided one hit movie after another during the 80’s. He was so much the son-of-the soil that he even went to foreign countries in a dhothi in some of his movies!!

The combo of Ramarajan, comedy-duo Senthil and Goundamani and Illayaraja was unassailable at one time. Some of Ramarajan’s massive hits include Karagaatakaran , Enga ooru paatukkaran,ooru vittu ooru vanthu,etc. where he reprised the role of a simple dhothi-clad villager with a golden heart with aplomb. The legendary,cult, vazhaipazham comedy scene was from his karagaatakaran film.

Rama Rajan never acted in scenes that showed him smoking and consuming alcohol. The reason for this he attributed to being an ardent fan of actor Mr.M.G.Ramachandran, who had the same principles. Also, none of his movies were Adult certified and hence suitable for family viewing. The movies he acted had social themes . He was married to actress Nalini, but they divorced later.

After a slurry of hits,Ramarajan slowly faded into oblivion.He became an MP in the 12th Lok Sabha as an AIADMK candidate,but that was to be his last public stint. He drifted into poverty. He once again tried his hand at movies, but clearly the one-time heartthrob had lost his charm.Ramarajan was popular for sporting lipsticks in his movies.

One of Ramarajan’s last performance-His Hosanna

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