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straight sixers!

April 12, 2010

i hope that all’s well with you readers!since i’m a lil too hyper i’ve managed to bunk a couple o’ BORING classes back-to-back so that i could spend time in the library @sastra first watching a docu on atlantis by  the discovery channel and now surfing!jolly good thing i say!

now that i’ve got into a mood for a few questions,here goes!

P.S:pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t google the answers!just take a guess and they’re yours!

1)the sicilian word “X” did not derive from Arabic qashatah (“bowl”), as is often claimed, but from the word for “cheese concoction”, according to John Dickie, who observes that “X” did not even signify a dessert until the late 1600s and did not take on anything like its current striped green-and-white form until the 18th century. “X” he finds, “is the subject of an invented tradition based on the claim that its roots lie in the Muslim Middle Ages. Many other local food traditions purport to be as old.”

so what’s this mouth watering dessert for most of us ppl?

2)The name “X” has a somewhat uncertain toponymy. some suggest that it arrives from  Greek for a Mediterranean tree (species: sempervirens), κυπάρισσος (kypárissos), or even from Greek for the henna plant (Lawsonia alba), κύπρος (kýpros). Another suggestion is  that it stems from the Eteocypriot word for copper. Georges Dossin, for example, suggests that it has roots in theSumerian word for copper (zubar) or for bronze (kubar), from the large deposits of copper ore found in this place .”X”is also known as the Island of Aphrodite, or Love since according to Phoenician mythology, Astarte, goddess of love and beauty, who was later identified with  Aphrodite, was born on the shores of Paphos.

so “X” enti?

more questions soon to come!cheers!

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  1. cerebralpursuits permalink
    April 12, 2010 3:12 pm


  2. sdaggu permalink
    April 14, 2010 2:22 pm

    the first one is casata

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