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aw shucks!another semester!

December 17, 2009

hey there dear bloggers!it’s certainly exhilerating to be back in the biz!the first semester was truly a fruitful one for us,if you consider aqua,mama,rytvidu and me{this is because kosu is not that much in contacts nowadays}there have been truly marvellous days that even i wish they were back!but no!that cannot be done!

while getting to study newer subjects is one part of the story,getting new teachers for the subjects is another!furthermore,all the ” fachchas’ “{a slang for first years amongst the seniors @sastra}classes have been moved from the vidya vihar{the building most suited for bunkers and pekish “students” of sastra}to the magnificently still-being-built vishwakarmajoth or vkj in short!the whole building is excellent by hawk-eye but extremely confusing to be navigated on the inside!even the most experienced teachers may lose their ways inside this big maze for sure!and ofcourse there’s this classroom selection for the guys and gals @sastra!you’ve gotta choose the most suitable classroom answering all your demands {or atleast almost}.some classrooms may prove promising at first glance but may finally turn out to be otherwise!some may seem very likely to be the worst but finally can be worthwhile indeed!it really seems funny to choose and seal our own fates here!:).while most of us chose classes according to the place where most of our buddies would be or the convincingly good teachers would be,some guys did’ny even bother to choose!their fates were set by the decisions of others{coz you cannot choose a class you want when all classes you want are completely filled up by students of the same branch as you are in!!smashin aint it!}on being asked by aqua,one of the seniors enlightened him on how to choose a section even!it is said that by heirarchy,a section was to be chosen only when that section had an ideal timetable suiting you and finally only based on the lecturers or the professors or whatever!a deeply researched subject indeed!

speaking of seniors,it is this semester that all the final years have left us to pursue their future !on behalf of all the fachchas and other years @ sastra, i wish them all the best for their future!ROCK ON seniors!we salute you all!

coming back to the blog after all this time, i see that there’s a considerable increase in visitors to the blog{maybe 5 or so},but what’s bothering me is that not many are trying to answer the questionds being put up.and ofcourse,knitty has been recently added as an author too due to my persistent requests.soon poppy shall also join as an author to the’s expected that poppy shall be putting up monthly set of questions on the blog.for the time being ,the first set of monthly questions have been posted by knitty because poppy is having difficulty in posting them.

the new semester has also seen a new set of people heading the ELS @ sastra!they are pony-tail,doggy and maestro!they were anounced as the successors by  animax,zing-zing and macho-boy in the final ELS meeting last is expected to be smooth and successful!

all along the road we came,and now hath started a new semester………………………………………………

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