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one more candle to light!

November 27, 2009

one year after the fateful terror at bombay,the media is full of new developments after the terror  attacks-about the survivors,the ppl who helped them survive,the places where their blood shed, etc!this is not a tribute , i repeat THIS TYPE OF PUBLISHING NEWS ABOUT THE PAST IS NOT A TRIBUTE!!!!this is just filling the paper with photos and articles blindly!then what the hek is supposed to be the real tribute to those ppl whose lives have been adversely affected by those terrorising events??!!!a real mind boggler indeed!

the past is past!gone is the time when those troublemakers came and gave us a biggie to regret!comeon , so how can we repent for those who lost their lives?thats very simple to answer!AWARENESS and PREPAREDNESS is what we all need now!the coastguard almost had them!the mumbai police almost caught them all!the ATS could have got them all too!the guys at the shivaji termius could have got them too!all this cud have been surely done had everyone been aware and prepared for such events in the future!

nows never late!the mumbai terror attacks have taught us something!the govt has finally decded ta train our NSGs to near perfection!thats very good on their part!but, i still have a question-why only bombay or why only maharashtra?!!why not the whole of india be made to partcipate in an exercise where all indians be well aware about how to look out for future probable disasters and how to handle such situations?why not increase the efficiency of all security providers!!?{if i must remind everyone,almost all POLICE in india are synonymised with their massively protruding bellies!}

if all these are taken into considerations,i m sure, theextent of damage that can be done in case of another 26/11 will be much lesser!

with this i pay my tribute to the victims!

jai hind!

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