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November 22, 2009

i was happily hogging on a few snacks when my mom just burst into the hall declaring in a frenzied manner that it was te study hols why i was back home and not fer jus whilin away ma tyme on the ciuch with the idiot-box in front of me!i whined in a low pitch like all o us usually do”but maa!………..”,well those have no results whatsoever!just trust me, i ve got lots o personal experience indeed!

my dad jus lemme be wat i was for he was that kinda type who dint always try forcing me ta do somethin!my mom ,quite on the contrary did…hmmm….lets say “tried” with much effort to gemme outta da couch!well dats all i did in the study hols 2 weeks ago!

coming bak ta the ol’SPS hostel in sastra, it does seem like”tyme flies reaaaaaaaaaaaaally faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!:(“.and comin bak ta the blog seems like a vent fer ma pressure!i love it!i guess the oder authors mite see into this piece o advice,”come blog with me b4 u go!!”,i kno i am blading a lot!

i tol aquarian that i was gonna go ta the lib or back on the net fer the blog, while he immediately”OMG, u finished CHEM????!!”, a marvellous question in truth , but ma answer was pretty simple”NO chance bro!”,come on , marks are jus mere numbers, ppl should nt decide oders worth ba these numbers!the world has grown into such a freakin place where ppl judge u ba marx , ranks…..and all bull shit!comeon ppl this is ppl we are dealin about!all the competition usually goes ta the head o many guys and it jus doesnt do any good ppl!

darn this type o credits!(and i jus dont mean sastra ,its the whole world i mean!)


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