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free at last!(not fer long):(

November 8, 2009

after 4 gruelling months of constant nagging first sem, here comes a big crunch from the monotonous coll dez!the study hols are here!ocourse they bring with themselves the “freakin” exams fer which everyones expected ta study an all!my god, the dez went on so unmistakeably painful, fer i feel totally famished from the lack of spendin some quality tyme wid da idiot-box and the internet!ocourse v miss our parents an all, but still its been horrifyin that i spent 5 months in hell!(thats how sps hostel is FYI!)

now comin bak ta our blog after along tyme , i sense that the oder authors are totally bein bz, and i m da only author postin ere!thats weird, cos all 4 of us own the blog!no prob still, cos i still hope dat the gys wil b bak!ma sincere apologies fer usin da most informal vocabulary i kno,cos i indeed hav gottn used ta this way of typin sms on ma phone!

speakin abt the last few dez bak in coll,its been totally turbulent. the third midsems were totally ez. i missed 3 exams fer want of tyme! i wuz totally afraid that id flunk ma eee, ed or math exams , thats y i rote them.and the sem’s abrupt endwith the prax and sum study hols left me no tyme ta quiz at all!

further updates will be available after a fes days… a short while…..pls do excuse us !so sayin i sign off fer a brief period of tyme(until i get ma lappy, i cant come regularly ol u kno!)

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