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over the hedge!!happy diwali to all!

October 15, 2009

i woke up feverishly on saturday mumbling to myself and cursing the sun for he woke us up on the saturday i had my EEE exam!!waah!i didnt wanna wake up – for one thing i have always been a low performer at physix right from my 6th grade!

i walked slowly to have my teeth brushed and noticed that there was no water supply in the corner of the west wing where my room was!i immediately sprinterd off in the opposite direction feeling that i would miss the water(as though i’d miss a train) and found the water supply still in opearating means in the back of the westwing. i finished my daily routines of the morning and ma room mate informed me of aqua’s return from pondy(from the JIPMER comptts.).i jogged to his room eager to f9d out abt his health and progress!well, giving him credit for his win in the quiz was not necessary at all as we had already expected this since a very long time that he’d make it into the top of the coll. cul. team and he did!!i finished  our meet and went to my exam!to my utter surprise, the exam was pretty damn easy, it was exactly the photocopy of the example sums in the book and i did make a thumping sixer outta it!i still havent got a clue how much i got in the exam.

as i returned to have ma lunch as i had only 2 more hours b4 the second of ma exams-ED! the dreaded subject of almost all first years in engg. colls!!i hadnt known head or tail abt this subject so far!i met aqua and mama in the mess and they told methat there was gonna be sankalp quiz prelims to be held at 1.30 the same day.i was hesitant at first but l8r did accept the marvellous offer. aqua paired up with bobby and mama and i were a team.

i clutched ma paddin sheet and the drafter in one hand and an ed text bk in the other and walked fast towards vidyut vihar.the thing was that the prelims was not such a hard nut to crack after all!both teams were qualifiied for the finals after all , but unfortunately(for the sankalp guys) and fortunately for us guys,we had the annual quiz event -whiz quiz organised by the quizzociates, the team of extrordinary gentlemen (who introduced mama and me to quizzin!)the next day.

both aqua and i left early the next mornin to go to the quiz and as usual mama and aqua weaved a completely comfy victory over all the other coll. teams.the day went on so very fast that i forgot that we had to leave by 6 in order to attend our roll call bak at hostel.finall, tnx to poppy, we reached central  bus stand on his “bike”(scooty that is) , that too triples on the main road without being caught by a traffic cop!!smashing!!i almost got confused by the route he took for dropping us and i almost saw the whole of trichy in the route!!!

we reached sastra by 7.50 or so and had a kulfi while comin back to the room!and the xcitin weekend was over!!boohoo!:(

this weekend seems  even more promising and i wish all a happy diwali!!cheers!

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