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helicrash of top-gun, now a national holiday??!!–shocking!!

September 4, 2009

i was in my hostel reclining peacefully after a tirin thursday at coll. , when ma roommate’s buddy came running into ma room shoutin “its gonna be a holiday tomoro!! jolly”.well, he was not the first person i heard the news from, in fact he was the umpteenth guy who told me the news! i was overwhelmed by the response of all the guys at ma hostel and rushed to aquarian’s room as he called me to his room immediately(well, i did sort of go after 15 minutes of his call!thats no matter to be concerned with).lo behold! aquarian was fully packed up to go back home for the 3 days hols!nice!!i immediately left to pack ma own things too!i came travellin in the bus thinking why a whole nation has declared a hol for some guy who died in a helicrash(who was involved in many scams relatin to money and religion propagation).i still kept wonderin when suddenly the bus stopped and later i was home with ma dad and i slept well. just this mornin, i was browsin thru the newspapers and i saw that some hotel groups in chennai “repented” death!smashin! some guys totally unrelated to the guys “repent” his death!! ma golt pals back in class dint even bother about their now ex-mukhyamanthri!i am sure that non-congress supporters all over andhra know about the guy i’m talkin about!but i being non-aligned to any political party, dint kno enuff abt de guy i was tryin to figure out abt!i just wiki-ed and some of his…..say…..”achievements” also came out to light.
just try this link-hxxp://

(psst, just replace the ‘x’ with ‘t’ in the above link)

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