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i love open quizzes!! but with exceptions!!

September 2, 2009

“i m talkin from sudha travels, can i speak to ……”, bellowed our travel agent whom we had paid our greens in full to get us back to trichy!!the time was 11.00pm in the night!! we were supposed to have boarded the bus by 10.30p.m!!! my dad and i couldnt get a train ticket resultin in our prolonged wait near one of several travel agencies in chennai!!!the basic reason i wanted to get back to trichy instead of stayin with ma parents for 1 more day was to get to the much awaited, over exaggerated quiz show of poppy!!too bad, the bus wasnt gonna arrive!it had already left!it was nearin midnight and i was getting lulled into deep sleep by the silence around me. the agent got his mni van to get us at the neares place where the bus was sid to be waitin for us to board- the airport!!! apart fro leavin us at the stop waitin for it, it had gone 10kms away fro us within a blink of an eye(i had a nap in that time!!). now what would i do ??!! it was gettin reaaally late to stay up!finally, after a 7 hour long ordeal, we reached trichy by 7a.m. nice!! but it was not long b4 poppy’s quiz to begin,it was scheduled to start by 8.30!and there i was at 7 a.m gettin off the bus!!
we went home and i immediately had my bath and left for the “all important ” quiz show which was supposed to have atleast 200 guys participatin!!
on arrivin there, the watchman of the venue told me there was no such thing that was gonna happen there!! smashin!! all the way i travel in a hurry to find out that it doesnt even exist! i called knitty in a very frantic attempt to clarify ma doubt about the venue!and the time was 8!! she was supposed to have been thereby 7.30! newazz, she did arrive at about 8.15 and our man of the day-poppy, arrived very “early”, at 8.30, for the quiz that was supposed to have begun its registration by 8.30 sharp!!rockin bro!!
i cant deny the fact that all the 3 of us expected a crowd of participants!and our seniors(who were supposed to have gone to ramanan’s quiz) arrived (exceptin doggy). soulpatch(except that he shaved now), tommy-tousled-hair(lets call him totty),kenshi and aarbit came. they exchanged partners and did some sort of jumbling in their partnerships with each other.later a lil’ gal from ma ol’skl and another team of 2 guys of which 1 is aquariangospel’s cousin arrived. thats all!! the time was 9.30 already! we waited for more. the time was 10.30! we force started.
we had a prelims for the sake of havin it.
of all the 30 questions v faced , i seem to remember very few from temporary memory like sharbat gula,etc. i’ll later post the basic fundas of all questions on the blog. by the time it was the end of prelims, seaker and our 2quiz-pro-gurus had come.
the finals had soulpatch and knshi together, totty and aarbit together, the juniors team separately, our gurus team separately, seaker separately and myself separately.we had 2 lonewolves and 3 pro-teams and 1 am-team!! nice–a very big crowd indeed!!
the questions seemed of a good college level than that of an open quiz standard.i was a total flop in india and spent rounds! our gurus slapped the india round hard in the face and lost their points in valuable trivia rounds. totty’s team did extremely well, yet the team could not crack all spent questions(their speciality that is). kenshi’s team went long and hard , but they couldnt kill the points fully. the juniors, well…., they got a good lot of questions in their database. seaker , i guess ,wasnt in his full form without his x-team partner – curlybob.

overall, the quiz would have been a hit,were it not for the bad audio quality and improper round selection (the special round in the middle of the show, was totally a show stopper).
i give poppy’s quiz a thumb’s up, only to 80%!
ofcourse,forgettin facts, the number of guys that turned up was most certainly 15(10 participants, 1 organiser-poppy, 1 display controller- knitty and 3 helpers)

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  1. cerebralpursuits permalink
    September 3, 2009 1:52 am

    “Open” quiz in terms of participation…I dint basically like the idea of having it as a “college”, “school”, “corporate” or whatever quiz..It has nothing to do with the questions..Plus..I tried my level best to have a decent quiz..I think we really had one considering that this was my First Open quiz..Participation…As usual a very poor response(something that we always have in this part of the world)..I did all that I can to spread the word..& I am really disappointed that people actually don’t quiz for quizzing’s sake.

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